B2B, Big data, AI… how can technology better support aviation?

6 July 2018

150 participants from more than 70 organisations such as Air France, RocketRoute, Jeppesen, ENAIRE, Copenhagen Airport and DSNA working with our B2B web services came together during a 2-day event to learn more about the evolutions of the service and to share ideas on how to improve their operational efficiency through a bigger integration with our data and services.

We invited participants to “let their voice be heard” and to tell us how we could use both current and future technology to deliver real added value to the business.

Some testimonials include

”We are notified much faster with B2B compared to AFTN.”

Thomas Bjørn Andersen, Copenhagen Airport

“Using local B2B-based software, we are able to optimize the use of available capacity, avoid the use of regulations, balance workload between ATC sectors and give graphical information to OPS staff with a few simple clicks.”

Iván Díaz Pérez, ENAIRE

"The B2B is a key element to fully integrate ATFCM constraints in the business decision process of a modern OCC.“

Clément Perolle, Air France

"The NM B2B services have allowed RocketRoute to become one of the leading computer flight planning service providers.”

Yuriy Yakubskiy, RocketRoute

“B2B is one of the enabler to change Flight Planning Optimisation paradigm from sequential steps to a simultaneous consideration of all factors and constrains.”

Colin O’Brien, Jeppesen

“B2B enables rapid development of locally relevant software based on NM data and services.”

David Guibert, Sylvain Mondou and Laurent Vergnac, DSNA


We have been promoting the use of B2B Web services in ATFM since 2009. Being at the forefront of the API economy in ATM and the deployment of SESAR SWIM standards, the NM B2B Web Services ecosystem has increased by 12% since the previous Technical Forum in 2017, reaching a total of 172 operational users of the service.

API is not only software

“Now everybody knows what an API is, it is not only a piece of software, it represents a business process. We live in a world where the business is fully supported by API’s. Our priority is information dissemination using SWIM standards, and we see via the different testimonies that by integrating NM data and other data feeds, ecosystem actors are addressing their local needs, not only improving their operational efficiency but the whole Network Performance in the process,” said Jean-Pierre Aiguier, Head of Network Technical System division.

 “We dedicate an ever growing part of our attention to capture current business and technical needs to improve NM B2B Web Services. Feedback from ANSPs, Airspace Users, Airports and Computerised Flight plan Service Providers is essential. Their priorities are important to us as NM B2B Web Services are beneficial for both API consumers and the Network Manager efficiency,” said Andy Woollin, NM Flight Domain Manager, NM B2B Web Services Domain Manager.

NM B2B web services traffic

“The traffic of NM B2B Web Services has more than doubled since last year, creating a challenge for our infrastructure. As the NM API is becoming critical to operations, the adequate Service Level Agreements (SLA) have now to be established to take this product to the next level,” said Pierre Hanoune, Head of Technical Organiser.

Considering the initial results of the Forum satisfaction survey, reaching a 96.7 % level of satisfaction on the event, “Let your voice be heard” will not end today. We will establish a feedback loop to maintain this momentum across the NM B2B Web Services ecosystem between now and the next Technical Forum in spring 2019."

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