New pan-European Network Service (NewPENS)

NewPENS is an unparalleled common procurement contract in European Air Traffic Management. With air traffic on the rise, NewPENS will provide solid support to European aviation, securing cross-border network connections and underpinning safety-critical applications. The ultra-resilient network will connect more than 100 locations across the European / North Atlantic region.


NewPENS will provide a robust IP-based infrastructure for exchanging critical and common aeronautical information reliably, securely and safely in a cost-efficient way. It will meet both current needs for the information exchange between air navigation service providers and other ATM stakeholders, as well as future applications foreseen by the SESAR Programme, such as SWIM. Its technical service catalogue will evolve with technology and business requirements, while its newly designed architecture will ensure an increased level of end-to-end control and authority.


NewPENS is now available to a wider spectrum of stakeholders, including air traffic management providers, air navigation service providers, airlines, airports, the military and meteorological services. To this wide scope of stakeholders, NewPENS offers:

  • Differentiated services – from entry-level and mid-level to demanding high-end. Users will only be charged for the services they sign up for;
  • Increased flexibility and support for applications, including support for safety-critical applications with ATM-grade safety levels;
  • Up to 99.999% availability where needed – a decimal point higher than was the case for PENS.
  • Elaborate cybersecurity precautions to protect users in security-sensitive contexts.
  • a Europe-wide Service Desk with extensive monitoring and reporting services provided through the NewPENS Service Management Framework.


EUROCONTROL, 31 industry partners and BT have signed a contract for the provision and management of the NewPENS infrastructure. More partners will soon follow.


NewPENS also features a new governance structure providing strategic guidance and supervision. It includes:

  • a Top Management Board (TMB) to drive strategic change,
  • a PENS Executive Board (PEB) for effective collaboration with the user communities, and
  • an Air Traffic Service Board (ATSB) with network managers from ANSPs and EUROCONTROL for tactical guidance and service management.


NewPENS builds on the success of the Pan-European Network Services (PENS) infrastructure, which has been in place since December 2009. The migration to the new infrastructure will take place in clusters between October 2018 and 30 November 2019, the date on which the current PENS contract expires.

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