NM Operational Services and Products

A direct overview on the NM Operational Services and Products is available via our Service Catalogue

The full set of activities managed by the Directorate Network Management and the services and products it provides to stakeholders are described in our Catalogue of Activities, Services and Products.


Most services are publicly accessible to ATM operational stakeholders, however, some require subscription via specific Service Request Forms.

The NM Services and Products which require subscription are:

In the Operational Collaboration Domain:

  • NOP - Network Operations Protected Portal
  • CHMI - Collaboration Human Machine Interface
  • NM B2B - Network Manager Business-to-Business
  • DDS - Data Distribution Service
  • CCMS - Central Claim Management System
  • EAD Applications– European AIS Database Applications (AIP/charts, ARO briefings, EAD service desk, INO for data users, INO for data Providers, PAMS for data users, PAMS for Data Providers, SDO for data Users, SDO for Data Providers)

In the Performance Monitoring & Analysis Domain

  • NMIR - Monitoring and Reporting Interactive Reporting

In the Flight Planning Domain:

What you must know before subscription


The NM Operational Services and Products are provided free of charge. However, a financial contribution is requested to cover part of the token/certificate related cost (license fees, communication costs, etc.). Consult our NM Operational services and products fees page for more information.

Use conditions

Please note that the NM Operational Services and Products are subject to Eligibility and Use Conditions. Consult our Agreement & policies page for more information. 

Subscription process

Consult our step-by-step guide for accessing the NM Operational Services and Products