Network Operations library

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The NM Library contains: the HANDBOOK, User guides, Release information, Service leaflets and forms and other operational documentation

Note to users:

  • Check the documentation update dates here.
  • In order to receive regular information on the evolution of our operational procedures, systems and services (e.g. publication of new NM Release Notes) please subscribe here.

Network Operations HANDBOOK

The Network Operations HANDBOOK contains:

  • detailed procedures applicable to ATFM,
  • detailed procedures applicable to flight plan addressing and distribution.

The Network Operations HANDBOOK together with the Network Operations Procedure Updates which take precedence over the procedures published in the HANDBOOK must be accessed through the NOP portal (consult the related portlet).

ICAO Regional Supplementary procedures relating to flight plans and ATFM are published in ICAO Doc. 7030/4.

Network Operations user guides

The user guides provide assistance in using NM operational applications.

NM User Forum information

Archives of former User Forum presentations: 2018 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014
Multiple presentations describing the evolution of Network Operations and related services are delivered every year at our NM User Forum.

NM Release & Deployment information

The NM Releases Notes and the related Deployment Plans describe the new or modified operational functions which are planned for implementation in the future. The objective is to provide users of the Network Operations systems with advance notice of modifications that may have an impact on their operational procedures and/or systems. An archive of former Release Notes is available here.

Any questions related to the NM Releases (content, schedule, etc.) may be sent to

Regular NM Operations systems maintenance windows: all related information is available here

EAD Release information can be found at the same location

Network Operations forms

  • CACD Data forms
    Intended for ENV Coordinators only, use these forms to request an update of the CACD data (former ENV Data).
  • Operational Problem Report form

    Important notice:
    The primary media for reporting an operational problem to the Network Manager is the Central Claim Management System: CCMS. These forms may only be used when the user cannot access CCMS.

    This form is used to report to the Network Manager of suspected problems which consequently had an impact on the provision of ATM (such as erroneous messages from ETFMS) or in a process (such as treatment of Flight Plans or allocation of slots).
  • Request for messaging/addressing form
    for Aircraft Operators only, this form covers the request, to send to a SITA or AFTN address, the provision of ATFCM and/or IFPS messages by EUROCONTROL .

NM catalogue - Leaflets and factsheets

The NM Catalogue has been designed as a quick and clear reference for the Network Manager users, it aims at providing an easy overview of  the support the Network Manager Directorate can provide, in particular:

  • to inform external users about our services, tools and access conditions to them;
  • to link to further information, making sure that the external user finds his/her way throughout the EUROCONTROL support services.

The service leaflets and factsheets provide an additional synthetic view on various key functions of the NM service support.

Service Request forms

The forms listed below allow users to request access to the NM operational services and products (e.g. applications). 

  • NM Service Request Form
    To apply to the following NM operational services/applications: NOP Portal, CHMI, CCMS, and NM B2B (such as ‘Flight Plan validation’ or ‘Route Generation’).
  • EAD Service Request Form
    To apply for AIP information, both in AIXM format (SDO) and in PDF (PAMS), as well as NOTAM information (INO). Access to these services can be requested separately or in combination and are subject to an EAD Data User Agreement.
  • Self Registration Form
    To keep your identity details up to date and receive information on the evolution of our operational procedures, systems and services (such as Release Notes).

Other operational documents