Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on procurement

After saving the draft of a quote and returning to the iSupplier Portal (link at the bottom of the page) how can I find this draft again and edit it?

You can always find draft responses on the Sourcing homepage under the "Quick Links/Responses" section by clicking on the "Manage Draft" link. Please be aware that only the user who has created the draft can access and change it.

Can I change my OneSky Online password?

For security reasons you can't change your password. If you have any questions please contact:

Can I see all active contracts that our company has with EUROCONTROL or only contracts from a certain date?

All active contracts between your company and EUROCONTROL are visible.

Can I submit tenders by email or telefax following an open/restricted procedure?

No, the offer has to be submitted in strict accordance with the "NOTICE CONCERNING THE PRESENTATION OF PROPOSALS BY TENDERERS". Only in exceptional circumstances, approved by the Head of Procurement, can offers be submitted by email and/or telefax. 

Can I use my own email address?

To log on to the iSupplier Portal you need a username – i.e. your email address and a password. 

Can the company bank account details be entered via the iSupplier Portal?


Do we still need to send our offer/quote by email?

No, your quote no longer has to be sent separately by email. It is mandatory to upload all the relevant documents to the quote you submit via the iSupplier portal.

How can I request a copy of the call-for-tender documentation?

Follow the instructions given in the Internet notice of a call for tenders or price enquiry. 

How can I submit two different technical solutions with different prices for the same tasking contract?

The Oracle system does not allow multiple quotes. You therefore have to input your first quote as usual via the system. The second one has to be submitted as an attachment.

How do I manage optional deliverables or mission expenses?

Please put these in the attached price declaration form as separate items. The price quoted in the system should be the total.

How do I register on the iSupplier Portal?

 For self-registration, please access the iSupplier Portal page.

How many contact persons can my company register?

You can register a maximum of three contacts.

How many users can my company register?

No more than one user. Users will receive the invitations and get the access and passwords. 

How often should we update our company information?

You have to update your data, i.e. address book – contact directory – products and services at least every three months.

I am currently an "interim staff member", an external staff member with a time-based contract, or a supplier with candidates for a permanent post. How can I/the candidates work in EUROCONTROL as (an) official(s)?

EUROCONTROL regularly publishes open posts on its website - please check the relevant page and follow the instructions there. 

I can see only the "closed" RFQs and not the active ones. What should I do?

The first thing to do is to click on “Full List”. If there is still no active RFQ, it might be that you have not been invited to any RFQ during the period in question.

The second thing to do is to make sure that you are connected with the right email address (only one user per supplier can see an open RFQ).

In the event of a persistent problem, please send an email to

I can't see the "iSupplier Portal" link under "Online Services". What should I do?

Please send an email to:

I would like to request an extension of the tender submission deadline of a call for tenders. How can I do this and what are the criteria for receiving such an extension?

The reasons for granting extensions depend on the complexity of the project, on the number of requests received compared to the number of companies invited/interested and on the time constraints of the project. The principles of objectivity and equality of treatment of all potential tenderers are respected at all times.

You may submit a request for an extension by email to the contracts manager mentioned on the Internet notice/cover letter of the Procurement Services.

If a contact person leaves the company, what should I do?

You have to add, edit or remove contacts – a notification is sent to the iSupplier Portal's administrator who will review and approve the changes.

If I wish to know the status of the evaluation and letting of a contract, who should I contact?

The tender evaluation process is confidential. Technical managers will not be able to give you any information on the status of the evaluation. However, the contracts manager can give limited information on the status of the evaluation. You will be informed in due course of the outcome.

If necessary, the contracts manager will contact you, should further information and/or clarification on your offer be required.

If the acknowledgement of a submitted RFQ states “Thank you for tender Nr 45” – does it mean there have been 44 other tenders for this RFQ?

This means that you, as a company, have submitted 45 quotes in the system, as it counts every time you create a quote.

If there are different contacts, do they all receive a password? And is every password different?

A contact is not a user. Only users receive passwords – we register only one user. We advise you to create a generic email address so as to avoid problems of absence.

If there are multiple contacts, do they all receive access to the iSupplier Portal?

No, only the user gets access.

Is it foreseen to be able to submit invoices via the iSupplier Portal?

Yes, but not in the near future.

Is it possible for more than one person in the company to receive notification of the launch of a RFQ?

Only one person per company can receive the invitation. If this poses a problem, you should create a generic email address to which a number of people have access.