Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on network operations

Can I duplicate my applications on multiple PCs, what are the rules?

You may not make copies of such software components or install them on other terminals - see also our Agreements and Policies page

How can I apply for NM Operational Services and Products and how much does this cost?

If you are eligible for the NM Operational Services and Products type you require, additional services can be requested via this form

For your information, each location is entitled to two (2) free NOP Portal or CHMI (including NOP Portal) tokens/certificates. Additional tokens/certificates are subject to a fee of 200 EUR per token/certificate valid for a period of five (5) years.  Upgrade of your existing token/certificate to NOP Portal or CHMI is free of charge.

Access to the NMIR is subject to a fee of 500 EUR per application (valid for a period of five (5) years).

How can I benefit from Flight Efficiency initiatives?

The IFPS staff carry out a network impact assessment to help find the best opportunities, via a screening of the complete IFPS valid flight plan database. They assess these opportunities and if they are found acceptable from an operational point of view, they submit them to the airline concerned by re-routing proposal message (RRP), identifiable via the comment line: purpose if flight efficiency.

Cost criteria to compute the route can be tailor-made for each airline.

For more information consult our Flight Efficiency Initiative pages or contact

How can I find FPL history or statistics (on flight plans)?

You can find this information in the NOP and in the CHMI.
If you are an operational user, for further information, please use the NM Interactive Reporting tool.
For other users, aggregate statistics on flight plans are available through the monthly Network Operations Report or through the statistics dashboard.

How can I generate reports on archived data?

The NMIR is a web interface allowing reports to be created from NM archived data. These reports can be used to derive performance and quality indicators, to monitor trends, create statistics and flight lists relevant to the individual user. Reports can be generated instantly at any time with the possibility to compare archived data.

The NMIR Service must be requested via this form. It costs 500 EUR per token which covers a period of 5 years.

For more information, please consult the User Guide

How can I get access to E-Helpdesk for Aircraft Operators?

To request access to the E-Helpdesk please send a query form via this link

How can I receive messaging / addressing on specific AFTN or SITA addresses?

Only Aircraft Operators can apply for messaging/ addressing services via the web form

How can I request archive data from EUROCONTROL if I am not a user of the NM Interactive Reporting (NMIR) application?

If you are an operational user, why not ask for access to NMIR? Otherwise, please consult the following page

How do I access the NOP Portal?
  1. Open your Web browser and surf to the NM Homepage
  2. NOP public portal is accessible through the Quicklinks area at the right-hand side of the screen
  3. For accessing the restricted NOP Portal; visit the Network operations page through the central button
  4. Links to Protected Applications - NOP, NMIR or CCMS Web - are available at the right-hand side of the screen 
  5. logon using your token
How do I request NM Operational Services and Products?

You can submit your request via our web forms available through the following link

These web forms allow new or existing customers to subscribe to NM Operational Services and Products such as: NOP Portal, NMIR (former CIR), CHMI, CCMS Web, NM B2B Products, DDS to AO/ANSP/Airports, RPL, FUM or DPI for Airports, EAD Services, requests for terminals, Archive Data Requests, etc.

How long does it take to receive NM Operational Services and Products?

This depends on the accuracy and completeness of the information submitted in the application form and the eligibility criteria for accessing the relevant service required. The average validation process may take between 5 and 8 weeks.

I have NM Operational Services and Products in one location, can they be used by the same organisation in another location?

Yes, you can, but you may have to request an additional token/certificate since the duplication of tokens and certificates is prohibited.

Is the access application to NM Operational Services and Products software or hardware?

After having accepted the terms of the appropriate agreement proposed by EUROCONTROL, User Relations will provide you with the software token to be installed on your computers (together with full instructions) via e-mail. Further details can be found on the NM token software download page.

Is there a user guide for the NOP Portal, NMIR and CHMI?

You will find all user guides at the following link

Questions regarding how to use CHMI

This is intended to customers who already have CHMI applications:

What are the validation criteria to receive Network Management Services and Products?

Please refer to the Agreements and Policies page

What is my organisation’s CCID number?

The CCID (Customer Connection Identification) number is a unique number allocated to a customer who has been granted access to the NM protected applications. If you cannot find your CCID number, please send a query

What is the cost and duration of Network Management Services?

Please refer to the following page: NM operational services and products fees

What is the role of the Single Person of Contact (SPOC)?

EUROCONTROL requires you to designate one 'Single Point of Contact' concerning all applications for access to NM Operational Services and Products. The SPOC will be expected to exercise overall responsibility concerning the access accounts applied for and granted to you. It is normally expected that an Operations Manager (or similar position) should perform this task.

Whenever a request for NM Operational Services and Products access is received EUROCONTROL will endeavour to ensure that the 'SPOC’ is consulted and agrees with the request if it has not been submitted through him. However, EUROCONTROL cannot be held responsible for actions of individuals acting independently within your organisation.

See also our Agreements and Policies page

Which NM Operational Services and Products are available?
  • NOP - Network Operations Protected Portal
  • CHMI - Collaborative Human Machine Interface
  • NM B2B
  • DDS - Data Distribution Services
  • CCMS - Central Claim Management System
  • EAD Applications - European AIS Database Applications
  • NMIR - NM interactive reporting
  • RPL - Repetitive Flight Planning


Who do I contact about charts?

Information about charts can be obtained by sending an e-mail to or accessing the cartography service page

Who do I contact about invoice issues?

If your invoice relates to: