Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on EUR RMA

Are there special flight procedures for operations in RVSM airspace?

All flight procedures in RVSM airspace are detailed in ICAO Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Air Traffic Management, Doc. 4444 and the ICAO Regional Supplementary Procedures, Doc 7030. Please contact you ICAO Regional Bureau for further information.

Can I conduct a height monitoring flight before I get my approval?

No, the EUR RMA only provides height monitoring results for aircraft that were approved at the time the monitoring flight was made

Can I only use height monitoring results from the European programme towards my monitoring target?

No, there are a number of height monitoring programmes around the world and results from all of them count towards any monitoring target you may have been given.

Do I need to contact the EUR RMA to notify them that I intend to fly over an HMU system for height monitoring?

No, the HMU systems monitor all aircraft within the coverage area at RVSM flight levels. Confirmation of successful height monitoring results for European approved aircraft will appear on this web site, typically within 2 weeks. Results for aircraft approved in other RVSM regions are forwarded on to the RMA responsible for that region.

Is it possible for an aircraft designated a State Aircraft to fly in RVSM airspace without an approval?

A non-RVSM approved State designated aircraft can operate in RVSM airspace but will be provided with a 2,000 ft vertical separation minimum. The aircraft must be declared as non-RVSM approved.

Is it possible to obtain an exemption to fly in RVSM airspace without an approval?

No aircraft (State or Civil) is permitted to operate in RVSM airspace with a 1,000 ft vertical separation minimum, without a valid RVSM approval issued either by the State of registry, or the State which has operational authority for that aircraft if it is operated as a commercial service.

My aircraft is approved, do I need to get height monitored?

There are requirements for all operators of RVSM approved aircraft to participate in height monitoring programmes. If you are required to be height monitored you will be informed by your NSA.

My aircraft is not shown on the EUR RMA website. Can I still operate in RVSM airspace?

Providing you have a valid RVSM approval issued by your appropriate airworthiness authority you do not need to take any further action.

My airworthiness authority is instructing me to have the aircraft height monitored before issuing an RVSM approval. Can I fly over an HMU for this purpose?

No, only aircraft that already hold a valid RVSM approval may operate at RVSM levels over an HMU. The EUR RMA will not provide monitoring results for aircraft that were not approved on the date of the flight. Height monitoring should not be used in lieu of recognized Acceptable Means of Compliance to confirm aircraft performance.

The aircraft that I have acquired was height monitored under a previous operator and/or registration. Can this result be made available for RVSM approval purposes?

No, the EUR RMA only credits the operator approved at the time of the flight. Data may be provided as an indication of performance as long as the result is less than 6 months old, the aircraft has continued in regular operation and the result is not to be used as engineering substantiation for approval purposes.

Why is my aircraft not shown on the EUR RMA website?

If your RVSM approval is issued by a State that is not accredited to the EUR RVSM region then your approval record will be published by the RMA responsible for the RVSM region in which your approval was issued. If you have an approval from a European authority that is accredited to the EUR RVSM region then your record may not have been received by the RMA. If you have any doubts regarding the status of your approval then please contact your National Supervisory Authority before flying.