Frequently Asked Questions on AIS AGORA

Advertising in AIS AGORA

Please do not use AIS AGORA as an advertising medium. Instead we invite all Agorians willing to advertise their products and/or services to review and update, if required, the AIS Industry listing at @is online.

Are the uploaded files scanned against viruses?

No, your client host should do this when downloading the attachment.

Can I post a message to the Forum without Internet access?

Send your message / reply to the Facilitator and he will ensure that the message is posted on your behalf.

How can I find a certain message in the Forum?

You can search for postings based on:

- Country
- AIRAC Dates
- Audience type
- Title
- Author
- Attachment Title / Filename
- Posting Date
- Word in the text message

Use the following wildcards to facilitate the search:

% - for representing multiple characters
_ - for representing one character

How can I recover my Login ID and password?

You can recover your ID and Password from the "Forgotten UserID or Password" page. (link below this text)

To recover your Login ID you will have to submit your originally registered email address and your Login ID will be immediately sent to that address.

To recover your Password, you will have enter your Login ID and then answer the Security Question on the next screen. If that Question is answered correctly a new Password will be sent immediately to your originally registered email address.

How do I become a member?

To register, you can use the online form (see the link below).

You will need to specify a username and password, name, company, country and a valid email address. You can configure you email address to be visible or invisible for others when you post or reply in the Forum.

If your email address does not show your company name (e.g. the Facilitator may require that you send a confirmation email from your professional email account or some proof of your relation to the aeronautical information. This measures are required in order to ensure that the Forum is not abused.

How do I change my e-mail address?

Use 'Edit account' menu (link below this text)

How do I change my password?

The password can be changed in the 'Edit Account' menu of AIS AGORA.

How do I change the personal information in my account (email, company name, etc.)?

Use 'Edit account' menu (link below this text)

It is your responsibility to keep the information in your account up-to-date. You should especially ensure that your email address is kept current. You can alter any of the fields in your account, except your username. Once you have registered your username, it becomes yours for life. In extreme circumstances, you may request that the Facilitator change your username, but he will require a very good reason to do so.

How do I post a message?

Click on the 'Post a message' link, then follow the 3 steps described on the page (Attachments, Classification and Message), preview the message before posting and click on the 'Submit' button.

How do I reply to an existing message?

Click on the link from the notification to access the message in the Forum, or find the message in the Forum, then

- click the icon - 'Reply' or 'Reply with Quote'
- Type your reply
- Click the 'Submit' button

As a confirmation that the message was successfully sent a confirmation will appear on the screen and a notification will be sent by email.

How do I stop my mail while I am away or on vacation?

While being logged to AIS AGORA website enter in ' Edit Profile ' menu:

- untick the ' Receive Notifications ' checkbox, or
- enter the dates when out of the office in '' Don't send notification from DATE - to DATE ' function

Redo this procedure again when you are back in the office.
To find out what you missed while you were away, browse through 'View postings by posting date'.

How to customise my AIS AGORA profile?

Use 'Edit profile' menu

By default you will receive the email notifications about all new postings on this Forum.
You can customise your profile to receive only the notifications which match your preferences.
Login to the Forum and select the Edit Profile menu in the left blue pane of the window to set the rules for the receipt of the email notifications.

Choose among the following options:

- E-mail address visible: - your email will be visible when you post / reply to a message (default)
- Receive email notifications (default): or - not receive email notifications, except those broadcasted by the facilitators
- Receive HTML mail (default): or - plain text (without any formatting)
- Include Message Attachments: or - Notifications without attachments (default-only links)
- Zip Attachments: or - Attachments as send by the poster (default)
- Notify immediately (default): or - once a day (all messages of the previous day)
- Receive notifications for all postings (default): or - if unticked you can select by:

  • Country
  • AIRAC Cycle
  • Audience Type
  • Keyword in title

Confirm by hitting the 'Update' icon

How to unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe send an email with the Unsubscribe Request in the subject line.

I reply to the received email notification but my message doesn't appear in the Forum?

Indeed because the sender of the email notification is only a server distributing the notifications.

Informative titles

Use informative titles!

Posting titles such as "Please Help me!" or "I have a Question" or "Does anyone know" or "Request Information" is useless because people will not know what the topic is about until they click it.

Inquiries on flight planning

CFMU is pleased to provide general advice on flight planning in response to queries raised on AIS AGORA by its users.

Users are reminded that specific problem reports and anomalies on the CFMU systems and operations should be addressed according to the relevant procedures as explained in the CFMU Handbook, part "CFMU Operational Problem Reporting"

Flight Plan originators are also strongly encouraged to make use of the IFPS test flight plan facility IFPUV.

The intention of the CFMU is to respond to queries within 2 working days.

It is important to note that the following types of queries will not be dealt with on AIS AGORA:
a) real-time FPL queries (should be addressed to the relevant IFPS Supervisor)
b) queries outside the CFMU area of responsibility (IFPS zone)

Queries will be answered by staff of the CFMU OPS Division Investigation Team who may also be contacted directly.

The main objective is to provide general advice and assistance where the use of a broad forum such as AIS AGORA can assist in providing information to a wide community of stakeholders, hopefully contributing to a simplification of the flight planning process and more consistent flight plan data for all stakeholders in European airspace.

Inquiries with commercial character

If you are seeking information on services of a commercial nature (e.g. handling agents) please indicate clearly in your request that Agorians send the replies to your inquiry directly to your personal email address indicated in the posting.

For example:

Commercial Enquiry - Please reply Direct to email

We are about to start operations in Belize and I am seeking information on handling agents in central America. Does anyone know of any organisation offering services?

Requesting the Aeronautical Information through AIS AGORA

Purpose: We have noticed several requests made through AIS AGORA for information which is readily available in AIS Publications. We understand that it is because AIS AGORA is convenient to use.
However it is not the purpose of AGORA; it should not be used as a place to request information which is readily available from the source organisations. The Message area is starting to get cluttered with routine info requests that can be found easily by conventional means.
The purpose of AGORA is to provide a transparent means of querying data already published, or to transmit information which might otherwise be subject to postal delays.

Requesting copies of Aeronautical Information through AIS AGORA:

1. Check the AIP of the respective State (some AIP are available on-line, see @is online)
2. Contact the AIS of the respective State if you believe that the information in the AIP is missing or incorrect (the AIS email and Points of Contact are available at @is online)
3. Post the inquiry on AIS AGORA, stating that the information in the AIP is missing and that the State authorities were approached but without any result.

Search function

There is a search function available for you to search all messages posted to AIS AGORA from 2001. By searching this Forum you can perhaps find the answer to your question sooner and you save others the time and energy to answer the question all over again.

Setting your profile only for a specific country

Q: "I have been receiving the AIS AGORA information and it is very good but being a GA pilot I don't really need the overseas service you provide..."

A: You can customise your profile in such a way that you will receive only the information related to the United Kingdom.

- Login to AIS AGORA, select 'Edit Profile',
- Untick the 'Receive notifications for all postings:'
- In the 'Subscriptions to countries' select 'United Kingdom'
- click on the 'left arrow' icon to move your selection into the left box
- click on the 'Update' icon located at the bottom of the page.

What are 'facilitators'?

Facilitators oversee the Forum. They generally have the ability to edit and delete postings, and perform other manipulations.

The scope of AIS AGORA Facilitation is limited to ECAC area and to aeronautical information (publication) only.

At present this role is fulfilled by Alex Petrovsky from EUROCONTROL. In his absence other persons could act in this role as well.

What are attachments?

This forum allows you to attach files to your postings. This could be an image, a text document, a zip file etc. The total size of all attachments should not exceed 5Mb.

To attach a file to a new posting or reply, simply click the "Browse" button in the attachment section of the "Post a Message" page, locate the file that you want to attach from your local hard drive, and click the "Attach" button. After attaching, you are allowed to see or remove the attached file by clicking on the respective link.

After posting, the attachment will show up in the top of attachment field of your message and in the bottom of the email notification.

What are the broadcast messages?

The broadcast messages are special messages posted by the Facilitators. They are designed to be a simple one-way communication with the users. All registered members of the Forum will receive the notification of such messages despite of the selection in the profile.

What do I select as a classification to new message?

The classifications are used to make it easier for others to filter the email notification depending on their interest. You must select the classifications in order to post a new message.

There are 3 categories:
- Country/Region
- Audience type

This specifies which country or region your question is about. If you feel that this is not appropriate, perhaps you are asking a very general question, you can use (Not applicable).

If your question refers to a whole region and not to a particular country than select one of the regions.

Multiple selections are possible by holding down the 'CTRL' key on your keyboard.

The purpose is well known: encourage the usage of AIRAC procedures in all aeronautical publications. If your message does not concern AIRAC at all, you can select (Not Applicable). You can select more than one date if required.

This specifies the audience to whom this message is addressed. There are two types of audience defined in this category:
-‘AIS’ – the services responsible for the provision of aeronautical information/data, and
-‘Users’ – the ones using the aeronautical information/data

Typical examples of messages for posting in each category
AIS to AIS - topics covering AIS operations
AIS to Users – information on advance publications, notifications to the users about any changes etc
Users to AIS - inquiries on publications, errors, omissions etc
Users to Users - flight planning, preferred routes etc.