Safety Forum 2019

4 - 5 June 2019

The 7th edition of our annual Safety Forum hosted front line professionals, trainers and managers who benefited from presentations and discussions on the topic of Safety and Procedures. The forum was co-sponsored by the Flight Safety Foundation, European Regions Airline Association and EUROCONTROL. It took place at EUROCONTROL's Headquarters.

Learning from each other

In aviation, procedures are developed to ensure Safety. Our industry has volumes of procedures intended to cover all possibilities. But can we ensure safety just by expecting human actors to follow procedures?

We look forward to exchanging ideas and experiences on the development of new procedures, to hearing about real-life cases when adherence to or even a deviation from the established procedures saved the day or how pilots/controllers acted when encountering a situation not covered by any procedures. 

At the forum, attendees learned from industry best practice that can become the basis of new safety procedures. During breakout sessions we brainstormed ideas that can further improve the procedure creation and application process.


Experts from across the aviation industry gave presentations on a variety of topics, including:

From drawing board to published regulation:

  • Understanding how procedures are created and implemented
  • How needs for procedures are identified
  • How to provide sufficient background information to the sharp end
  • Regulatory role and influence

Procedural shortcomings:

  • Situations not covered, control barriers not provided by procedures
  • Hazards, risks not identified by Safety Risk Assessments
  • Missing, Contradictory or unsafe procedures
  • Recovering from inadequate procedures

Technology & Science:

  • Technological support in procedure creation
  • Applying scientific methods in creating procedures
  • Getting to grips with resilience – distinguishing normal and non-normal operation
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of procedures.