RECAT and Time Based Separation Symposium on increasing throughput

17 - 18 October 2018

EUROCONTROL's Challenges of Growth study suggests that, by 2040, the number of airports, which operate near capacity for much of the day, is expected to climb to 16. This puts pressure on airports to deliver on the ever-increasing demand for capacity.

Solutions are ready now!

Developed with our partners and as part of EUROCONTROL's contribution to the European Commission’s SESAR Research and Deployment programmes, reduced wake vortex separation minima (RECAT) and time-based separation (TBS) already increase throughput up to 12% at large European airports.

As a major contributor to the two concepts, EUROCONTROL is organising a two-day symposium at our Experimental Centre (EEC) near Paris to showcase the potential offered by the two solutions.

During the event, airports and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) that have implemented RECAT and TBS will present their experience, benefits and lessons learned from implementing and using the two solutions.

Industry experts from London, Paris, Leipzig and Vienna airports will be available to discuss SESAR solutions and deployment, giving you the opportunity to understand the practical improvements and implementation requirements that come with them.

To help you build a strong business case for implementation, our experts will give in-depth presentations and demonstrations on RECAT and TBS, including cost and benefit mechanisms, time horizon for deployment, operational implications, training and deployment best practices. They will also provide you with helpful material and checklists.

Presentations and agenda

Agenda and presentations are available on the EUROCONTROL Wake Hub website

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