Network Manager Technical System Architecture Workshop

27 March 2019

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) is engaging in a second phase of modernisation, aiming to take a major leap in digital transformation while making the network technical systems less complex and more efficient. This will allow the transformation of the business processes through the use of today’s digital technologies capabilities, among them cloud technologies, big data and machine learning, which will take NM to an entirely different level of effectiveness.

To facilitate this, we organised a workshop on the future NM Technical System Architecture at EUROCONTROL Headquarters to present the scope, architecture, building blocks and tentative transition strategy of the proposed new Network Manager System.


Topic and speaker Presentations
Presentation of the future NM Technical System Architecture
Jean-Pierre Aiguier, NMD/NTS
Technical Architecture, part I
  • High-level Business Architecture
  • Environment Domain
  • Flight Domain
  • Flow Domain
Idalina Mendes Videira, DNM/NSD
Technical Architecture, part II
  • Enablers Domain
  • Support to Business Continuity
Yves Steyt, DNM/NTS
Delivery Model – Phased Approach & Roadmap
Jean-Pierre Aiguier, NMD/NTS
Financial elements
Herman Baret, NMD/OFF

You can also consult the NM Future Architecture Executive Summary - an advanced supporting documentation relevant to the workshop.


EUROCONTROL Headquarters

Rue de la Fusée 96
1130 Brussels

Directorate Network Manager Office