Flight rules webinar #2

28 March 2018

There are no flight rules yet for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) nor basic principles for organising the airspace below 500 ft. To address this, we are pleased to invite you to our webinar on Flight rules for UAS.

Our online event will be an opportunity to share ideas on how to better integrate UAS into airspace. The webinar will be two hours long and will address:

  • safety first,
  • manned and unmanned coexistence and
  • the right of way


Register to the event and you will receive instructions, followed by a link to the webinar.

If you cannot join this iteration, you will be able to find deliverables from the event on this page. You are also welcome to join the next Flight rules webinar.

How to join

We will host this webinar via WebEx. Once you have registered, our organisers will send you a link to the conference. If you do not know how to join a WebEx conference, watch this video:


This joint EUROCONTROL-EASA webinar is part of a reocurring series of three such events with the aim to discuss the problems associated with integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the airspace along with manned aviation. The series focuses on three distinct issues:

  • Flight rules,
  • Airspace assessment and
  • A common altitude reference system.