FIXM Technical Workshop

19 - 21 March 2019

EUROCONTROL, as a member of the FIXM Change Control Board and sponsor of the FIXM project, is pleased to announce that a FIXM Workshop will take place in March 2019 at skyguide’s premises in Zürich.

This is part of a series of FIXM workshops organised annually by the FIXM CCB to bring together implementers of the model to discuss technical improvements.

Following up on last year’s event organised in the United States of America, the FIXM workshop is now back in Europe to cover technical topics relating to the next FIXM 4.2.0 release, with a focus on messaging and absent data.


The workshop will focus first and foremost on technical presentations and discussions. The workshop is expected to be structured as follows:

  • Day 1: Technical overview of FIXM and Technical discussions in support of 4.2.0;
  • Day 2: Technical discussions in support of 4.2.0 (continued);
  • Day 3: Wrap-up and way forward; any other businss.

Workshop participants interested in a more general introduction to FIXM (overview of FIXM, FIXM change management, FIXM history, FIXM in the broader ICAO FF-ICE context, etc.) can declare their interest by selecting the option "I am interested in a general FIXM introduction prior to the workshop" when registering. Such a general FIXM Introduction will be provided remotely prior to the workshop, if the need for it is confirmed. 

Take part

We kindly invite workshop participants to develop and present technical inputs to these discussions.


There is no registration fee for attending the workshop - simply fill out our registration form. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs. 

The meeting room will be able to accommodate 35 participants. By default, seats will be reserved on the "First come, first served" principle. If the number of registrations exceeds the meeting room capacity, other rules may have to be applied (e.g. having a limit of three seats per organisation; giving priority to FIXM CCB member organisation and/or registered and active FIXM Work Area members, etc.).

More info

Do not hesitate to browse the FIXM Work Area for additional details.

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