2018 Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP) event introductory webinar

2 October 2018

Newcomers to the LSSIP reporting process took part in a two-hour teleconference (WebEx) where they were introduced to the ATM Master Plan and LSSIP process. 

The aim of this webinar was to facilitate LSSIP-related work during the 2018 cycle.


A recording of the webinar will be made is available below:


The Master Plan Level 3 Planning and Reporting process is vital for:

  • Allowing for a comprehensive picture of ATM deployment across ECAC (whether regulated (PCP) or not);
  • Ensuring State reporting to ICAO (in the ICAO EUR Region) on their progress against the ICAO GANP ASBU modules;
  • Being a prime element to be used by States at the policy level of SESAR Deployment;
  • Allowing the coupling of States performance plans with ATM evolution.