First Air Traffic Control Support Tools Implementation (FASTI)

The objective of the EUROCONTROL First Air Traffic Control (ATC) Support Tools Implementation (FASTI) Programme was to co-ordinate the implementation and rapid deployment of controller support tools in a harmonised manner across ECAC by 2012. The Programme addressed short and medium term requirements but will also enable the introduction of further automation in ATC in the longer term.

FASTI complements implementation programmes such as Link 2000+ and Cascade by bringing controllers operational improvements to achieve their tasks of conflict detection, planning, co-ordination and traffic conformance monitoring through automated support.


The controller tools proposed by FASTI enable both capacity and safety benefits though a reduction in, and a more even distribution of, controller workload per aircraft resulting in increased sector, and overall ATM network, capacity. Early, more reliable and accurate conflict detection, better decision support and fewer controller tactical interventions provide safety benefits.

Between 2005 and 1012 the FASTI Programme has lead the co-ordination between ANSPs, Supply Industry and Regulators to achieve rapid deployment of controller support tools across Europe:

  • conflict detection tools (CDT, e.g. MTCD and Tactical support)
  • Monitoring Aids (MONA)
  • System supported coordination (SYSCO).

Programme phases

Three distinct phases were considered in the programme:

FASTI phases


FASTI through it’s operational concept:

  • promotes a trajectory-orientated approach to planning and co-ordinating across sector boundaries.
  • promotes a formal distribution of tasks where roles and working methods are defined for each member of the team, and adapted to each environment.
  • considers the system as a member of the sector team; tools are integrated into the decision-making process.
  • permits a gradual removal of procedural constraints such as defined by the Flight Level Allocation Schemes (FLAS), sector-avoidance procedures, LoAs, etc

A top down approach strategy used by the programme ensured that FASTI tools deployment was performance driven. During pre-implementation target performance levels have been agreed with Stakeholders; implementation at any particular Area Control Centre (ACC) has been considered in the context of the overall ATM Network.

FASTI strategy

The Programme relied on the active support and involvement of:

  • ANSPs and in particular air traffic controllers
  • Airspace Users
  • ATC Regulatory Authorities
  • Industry
  • European Commission - Single European Sky (SES)


The EUROCONTROL FASTI Programme concluded by providing the community with a comprehensive set of supporting documentation and guidelines for developing and implementing controller support tools into operations. While the FASTI tools deployment is still on-going within centres across Europe, EUROCONTROL Network Management, based on the expertise gathered from the FASTI Programme activities, will continue to provide support in the areas of enhancing the network performance through controller support tools implementation.


You can find all the FASTI related documents here including the following areas:

  • programme management
  • awareness and communication
  • coordination and implementation support
  • operational, human factors and system implementation
  • business case
  • operational trials

For further information please contact Bogdan Petricel (tel: +32 2 729 3362)

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