Communications, navigation and surveillance

At the heart of air traffic control, communications, navigation and surveillance are essential technological systems, procedures and programmes for pilots in the air and air traffic controllers on the ground.They facilitate the process of establishing where the aircraft is and when and how it plans to arrive at its destination.

EUROCONTROL’s contribution

EUROCONTROL plays a unique role in European CNS/ATM. It facilitates consultation with a wide-range of partners including ANSPs, regulators, industry, airspace users (civil and military) and avionics manufacturers with one aim in mind: the efficiency of the pan-European ATM network.

EUROCONTROL’s unique strength is being impartial, with no vested national or commercial interest in any CNS technology.


In order to meet future challenges, the target of the aviation community is to modernise the communications technologies by creating a global and interoperable system, for both civil and military aircraft. Read more in Skyway magazine's issue 54 article on enhanced airborne and ground system coordination.


Navigation applications are essentially used to maximise the capacity of airspace by facilitating flows of traffic between airports and maximising safe and efficient access to airports.Read more in Skyway magazine's issue 54 article on performance based navigation, precision landing and navigation infrastructure.


The objective of the surveillance infrastructure is to enable a safe, efficient and cost-effective air navigation service. As a key player in the Single European Sky, EUROCONTROL is committed to enhancing global interoperability. Read more in Skyway magazine's issue 54 article on new surveillance techniques.

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