Standard Inputs for EUROCONTROL Cost Benefit Analyses - Edition 8

12 February 2018

This document provides a set of standard inputs for commonly used data in economic and financial ATM-related analyses and appraisals.

It is a quick reference guide, produced bi-annually, providing the latest ATM-related standard values for economic and financial analyses. Each input comes with a definition, a description, recommended values and their sources.

We have made every effort to ensure the data is accurate and easy to understand but your contribution is crucial and we strive to increase the exchange of expert views and discussions in each new edition of the guide.

We also try not to re-invent the wheel, so maintaining consistency and comparability between CBA analyses and projects.

The document is available for download below, or via WIKISI. To access WIKISI you will need to register to OneSkyTeams and contact: Economics.Business-Cases[at] .

EUROCONTROL Standard Inputs for Cost Benefit Analyses provides values for commonly used data items in cost-benefit analyses, together with details of the sources and a discussion of the applicability and use of the values.