National AIRAC Publication Review

29 November 2018

This is a EUROCONTROL document which specifies the relevant reference numbers of AIS publications (AIRAC AIP AMDT, and, if they pertain to the ATS route network changes, also SUP and NOTAM) issued and/or planned for distribution in the ECAC area for the following three AIRAC cycles.

A new edition of the National AIRAC Publication Review is issued every AIRAC cycle. Additional updates which occur in between the releases are included as required. The aim is to offer the airspace users and the NAV/FMS database service providers a heads-up overview of the relevant AIRAC-related publications to be expected in the short-term.

The latest edition of this publication is 114.2 (dated 29 November 2018).

National AIRAC Publication Review

RAIS production team

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