VoIP: upcoming

Internet technology for voice communication

VoIP in ATM is a mature standard able to respond to SES II challenges and become a building block of future European FABs.

The use of Internet protocol for ATM voice communications will greatly improve interoperability, particularly for the air-ground component where a ground radio station will be shared by several adjacent ATC centres belonging to different air navigation service providers (ANSPs).

The time is right to initiate the transition from legacy ATM voice services that will soon no longer be supported by the European TELCOs (European Telecommunication service provider). A dedicated group  was created by EUROCONTROL to secure the European-wide transition towards VoIP services in ATM.

The global standardisation of VoIP protocols for ATM systems is a key step in the evolution towards an integrated, modern and highly capable worldwide air traffic control system. The FAA has identified VoIP as a key technology in enabling NextGen. SESAR partners are working on the validation and verification of VoIP in ATM over  the pan-European network service (PENS).

Cooperation between the FAA and EUROCONTROL is paving the way for early adoption of VoIP in ATM services to thereby realise their potential benefits to meet the challenges of air travel in the twenty-first century. Joint EUROCONTROL–FAA activities will contribute to the validation of the relevant ICAO standards. Initial operational capability in Europe is expected by January 2013.