Tools available in times of disruptions and crises

The Network Manager provides the best assistance it can to help mitigate the impact of major network disruptions or crisis situations. It also provides tools and services which enable users to anticipate or react to events more effectively, based on the best available knowledge of the ATM situation.

Below you can find an overview of  tools available in times of network disruptions and crises.

Network Operations Portal (NOP)

The Network Operations Portal (NOP) is designed for ATM professionals. It provides real-time information on air traffic operations. It provides a single entry point via a human-machine interface to ATM operations, bringing together various EUROCONTROL tools and services.The NOP provides full transparancy with regard to the current and expected European air traffic situation, thanks to constantly validated information and robust collaboration processes.

Journalists and the general public can also consult the portal for information on delays and the number of flights in real time.

The NOP serves two main purposes:

  • monitoring the real time status of traffic, airspace and air traffic flow and capacity management measures, and
  • planning pan-European operations in a collaborative way from the strategic to the tactical phases, thus optimising the use of available ATM capacity.

The NOP enables partners to anticipate or react to events more effectively.  It provides a means for all actors, both civil and military, to increase their respective knowledge of the ATM situation from the strategic phase to real time operations. Its extensive reporting facilities are a solid foundation on which operations planning and the performance monitoring and reporting functions of the Network Manager are built.

European crisis Visualisation Interactive Tool for ATFCM (EVITA)

EVITA is a collaborative online tool which allows users to visualise the impact of a crisis on air traffic and on the available air traffic network capacity in Europe. This visualisation tool supports decision making in times of crisis and is the principal communications channel for airlines operating in Europe during major crisis situations. It is one of the NOP’s features. It should be used for information purposes only.

It supports the sharing of information between airlines, state regulators and air navigation service providers, in particular thanks to the functionality that allows airlines to identify precisely which of their flights may be impacted by ash. The tool, originally created to monitor ash concentration levels, could be used for other crises such as nuclear emergency, pandemics or security risks.


In the event of a volcanic ash event, EVITA:

  • displays ash concentration data received from VAAC London and VAAC Toulouse on the NOP map;
  • displays the coordinates of Danger Areas, as declared by States via NOTAM, on the NOP map;
  • displays local areas defined by aircraft operators;
  • detects sectors, aerodromes and flights impacted by either ash concentration data or Danger Areas, or areas locally defined by aircraft operators.

Service limitations

  • EVITA is available for training and simulation purposes only. It should not be used as an operational tool outside crisis situations.
  • EVITA is only valid for the IFPS Zone/NM area of operations.

in the event of a crisis, EVITA is used to help various players manage the crisis.  EUROCONTROL teams will ensure that the coordinates of the ash concentration charts, 'danger areas' and relevant updates are uploaded in EVITA.


  • EVITA is available to all NOP-registered users with a token.

Training and user guides

  • Two small e-learning modules, requiring registration, are available on the EUROCONTROL Training Zone, these explain the correct use of EVITA to AOs and ANSPs.
  • EVITA user guide (pdf) - see the related links on top of this page

Need help with EVITA?

  • For technical queries, contact the Customer technical Service desk & Operations (CSO).
  • For operational, email queries to the Aircraft Operator Liaison Officer


During the crises, European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (EACCC) will normally be convened via teleconferences.
In addition to the EACCC members, EACCC Chair may decide to invite State focal points and, depending on the nature of the crisis, experts from relevant fields of expertise.


Customer technical Service desk & Operations (CSO)

Technical questions on Evita
32 2 745 1997

Aircraft Operator Liaison Officer

Operational queries