How to access the STATFOR Interactive Dashboard (SID)?

  1. First, register to the OneSky Online extranet portal.
  2. Send us your OneSky Online User ID requesting access to the SID.
  3. Once, you have access, login to OneSky Online and select “STATFOR” in your list of services.

If you are logged in to the extranet and have access to the SID, click here for a shortcut to the STATFOR Dashboard.


For any further information, please contact the STATFOR Team

Data sources

For its statistics, forecasts and analysis, STATFOR makes use of three distinct flight data sources:

  • National Administration data transmitted by Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland and Azerbaijan and is used to complete STATFOR's geographical coverage. IFR (Instrument flight rules) flight-by-flight raw data, aggregated data at various levels or ready-made statistics coming from these States are processed or incorporated into STATFOR statistical and forecast products. States are added to this list from time to time, or removed when they fall within the scope of the NM source.
  • The Network Management Unit of EUROCONTROL responsible for providing Air Traffic Flow Management services within the airspace of participating European States, is the major flight data source to STATFOR. The NM flight database reflects the last filed flight plans held by the IFPS (Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System), but actual route flown is gradually becoming available. More information on this subject can be accessed on NM pages under Operations and IFP. No purely VFR traffic is recorded and only military GAT flights are handled.
  • The Central Route Charges Office of EUROCONTROL operating a harmonised regional en-route charges system on behalf of the States, is a key data source to STATFOR. CRCO flight data is primarily used for airline billing. It includes all IFR flights and only those VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flights which are chargeable. See the CRCO pages under CRCO Activities, EUROCONTROL Route Charges System for more detail. The oldest STATFOR archives are based on this source. CRCO data is used to enhance the details of the flight data provided by the NM.

User groups

By Country

  • Austria: AUSTROCONTROL, Air Navigation Services Provider
  • Belgium: BELGOCONTROL, Air Navigation Services Provider
  • Bulgaria: BULATSA, Air Navigation Services Provider
  • Estonia: LENNUMAT, Civil Aviation Administration
  • Finland: Ilmailulaitos, Civil Aviation Administration
  • France: DGAC - Direction Générale de l´Aviation Civile, Civil Aviation Administration
  • Georgia: Air Traffic Services
  • Germany: DFS - Deutsche Flugsicherung, German Air Navigation Services
  • Greece: Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority
  • Ireland: IAA, Irish Aviation Authority
  • Italy: ENAV - Ente Nazionale di Assistenza al Volo, National Organisation for the provision of Air Traffic Services
  • Latvia: LGS - Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme, Latvian Air Navigation Service Enterprise
  • Lithuania: SE Oro Navigacija, Air Navigation Service Provider
  • Moldova: MOLDATSA, Moldovan Air Traffic Services Authority
  • Netherlands: LVNL - Luchtverkeerleiding, Air Traffic Control The Netherlands
  • Norway: AVINOR
  • Portugal: NAV - Navegaçao Aerea de Portugal
  • Romania: ROMATSA, Air Traffic Services Administration
  • Romania: Romanian Civil Aviation Authority
  • Serbia and Montenegro: SMATSA, Air Traffic Services
  • Spain: AENA, Aeropuertos Espanoles Y Navegacion Aerea
  • Spain: AESA, Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency
  • Sweden: LFV - Luftfartsverket, Swedish Civil Aviation
  • Switzerland: Skyguide, Air Traffic Services Administration
  • Turkey: DHMI, State Airports Authority
  • UK: NATS - National Air Traffic Services
  • UK: Civil Aviation Authority


  • A4E - Airlines for Europe
  • Brussels International Airport Company
  • DLR - German Aerospace Centre
  • Dusseldorf Airport
  • EBAA - European Business Aviation Association
  • ERA - European Regions Airlines Association
  • IATA - International Air Transport Association
  • ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organisation
  • IAOPA - International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
  • Loughborough University
  • Manchester Metropolitan University