Building on SESAR 1

The Single European Sky ATM Research Programme (SESAR) 2020 builds on the experience of SESAR 1, a highly complex programme which ran from 2008 to 2016 and delivered more than 90 industrial prototypes as well as 63 new or improved operational or technical solutions.

EUROCONTROL, together with the European Commission, is a co-founder of the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) and was the biggest contributor to the research and development (R&D) works which represented one third of the overall effort. Thanks to its well-established pool of ATM research expertise, EUROCONTROL was heavily involved in 50 of the 63 solutions delivered in SESAR 1 and were ready for deployment.

Below you can find the major domains of activities under SESAR 1.

ATM Master Plan and eATM Portal

The European ATM Portal was set-up under SESAR 1 to provide an integrated view of the European ATM System outlining the essential operational and technology changes foreseen to deliver the SESAR contributions to the Single European Sky performance objectives. The portal reflects the 2015 Edition of the European ATM Master Plan. Read more

ATM Architecture & Information Management

Under the umbrella of the pan-European system design approach, the ATM Architecture & Information Management activities in EUROCONTROL focused on the development and support to implementation of a digital, reliable and cost-efficient information environment for the whole of ATM.

The overall objective was the establishment of a network-centric information environment in Europe, also known as System Wide Information Management (SWIM). Read more

Building the future Network

Through research, development and validation activities. EUROCONTROL's research, simulation and validation experts worked to develop the next generation of tools and procedures to be deployed by the Agency and its stakeholders. This work ranged from exploratory research, initial modelling and prototyping through to validation, pre operational demonstration and support to deployment – the entire cycle of air traffic management (ATM) research, development and deployment. Read more

Future airport operations

EUROCONTROL's Airport Research Unit works with airport stakeholders and SESAR to validate new operational improvements and their technical enablers, making them ready for deployment. Collectively, they deliver mature prototypes and guidance material focused on safety, efficiency, environment and capacity benefits.

Major achievements include some notable improvements such as Airport Collaborative Decision-Making (A-CDM) Time-Based Spacing (TBS) and more recently wake vortex re-categorisation (RECAT). Read more

Future ATC operations & systems

Thanks to a long lasting expertise in air traffic services (ATS) concept development and validation, this domain of activity developed tools and methods for performance assessment, taking advantage of the state of the art simulation facilities and a direct access to Network Management data. Read more

Long-term research & innovation

Performed on behalf of the SJU and under the guidance of its Scientific Board, workpackage E developed and maintained a programme of research activities, using expertise drawn from the European research community (R&D centres, universities, industry). Read more

Business Cases and Cost-Benefit Analyses

At EUROCONTROL, a dedicated team of experts helps stakeholders consider the best available facts in order to choose among alternative solutions. For more than 15 years, EUROCONTROL has been aiming at giving ATM decision makers the relevant information needed in order to take well-reasoned investment decisions in the long term. In this context, EMOSIA, the EUROCONTROL's Cost Benefit Analysis methodology, has been developed. Read more