Service level agreements (Phase 3 P-18)

Agreements with data originators are usually made up in the form of Service level agreements (SLA's). The SLA package is a series of interrelated elements to facilitate the establishment of agreements between aeronautical data orginators and Aeronautical Information Sevices (AIS).

The specific elements of the package are:

  • SLA guidance
  • Originator index
  • Static Data Procedures (SDP) for upstream data operations
  • SLA template
  • Set of tutorial information
  • Pilot implementation and trial

Find the latest documents of the SLA package  (ZIP file)

SLA guidance

The SLA Guidance is intended to act as an introduction to the SLA by introducing the concept and by providing guidance on its negotiation, agreement and implementation.
Two distinct issues are covered in this document:

  • The process of establishing an SLA
  • An SLA as a document

Originator index

The Originator index represents a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that reflects the structure of the AIP (as defined in ICAO Annex 15). It is intended to be used to assist in the identification of the supplier of each data item in the AIP, the approver and the criticality of the data.

Static Data Procedure

The new developed Static Data Procedure (SDP 21) for upstream data operations is an additional Static Data Procedure that has been developed to specify the interface between a Data Provider and the AIS. This SDP logically fits before the existing SDPs. SDP 21 provides the Raw Data that is received and analysed in SDP 1. It supports the use of SLA and assumes that the NSA is involved.

SLA Template

The SLA Template is a template document which provides the basic structure of an SLA, some example text and placeholders for the negotiated agreement to be captured

Set of tutorial information

The Set of Tutorial Information is a series of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that explain the purpose of an SLA, introduce the guidance material and walk the user through the template document.

Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) present a list of selected KPIs which relate to the performance of exchanging aeronautical information between a Data Originator and an AIS Service Provider (AISP), and the preparation of a subsequent data publication.
These KPIs were established during the trial roll-out of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) guidance. The KPIs established were determined in an attempt to make measurements against the core ICAO requirements for the quality of aeronautical information, namely accuracy, resolution, integrity and timeliness.

"Lessons Learnt" documents

Several SLA have been formally signed in the States as the result of pilot implementation provided. On the basis of the developed SLA guidance material, negotiation and execution of such agreements through trial roll-outs a ‘Lessons Learned’ document has been produced.