Safety Regulation Commission (SRC)

The Safety Regulation Commission (SRC) advises the Permanent Commission of EUROCONTROL, through the Provisional Council, on all matters related to the safety regulation of ATM, and provides recommendations and specific proposals for the improvement of the safety of these services.

A major role of the SRC is to assess the overall safety performance of the ATM system and provide feedback of experience to the EUROCONTROL Organisation in order to promote safety improvement. It is composed of senior executives from within organisations responsible for ATM safety regulation at national level.

Should you have any queries regarding the SRC or its website, please contact Daniel HARTIN, SRC Secretary,


SRC Annual Safety Report 2017

The SRC’s 2017 Annual Safety Report provides a relevant overview based on the outcome of the Annual Summary Template (AST) reporting mechanism covering the EUROCONTROL area.

In a changing world, with new institutional developments and evolving responsibilities, this Report offers a detailed and in-depth analysis of ATM/ANS safety, without duplicating information for those Member States integrated into EASA reporting system. This allows the SRC to once again underline the high reliability of the AST process, which provides a unique insight into ATM safety across ECAC that is currently unmatched in the European ATM domain.

Concerning the results of the SRC’s analysis, it should be noted that for the categories with the highest number of reported occurrences the most severe categories are increasing and action is necessary, at national and pan-European levels, to further investigate and mitigate this adverse trend.

Download a copy of the Report here.

Upcoming Events

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Date Group Event
28 February -
01 March 2018
AST-FP Group AST-FP #34
21 June 2018 Provisional Council PC 49
29/30 November 2018 Provisional Council PC 50
13 June 2019 Provisional Council PC 51