Safety & operations

Contributing to safety management and operational safety across the Network.

Our ultimate goal is to keep the Network safe whilst managing its capacity and efficiency.

We contribute to enhanced operational safety through:

  • establishing the Top 5 pan-European operational safety risks and developing action plans in cooperation with Stakeholders to reduce risk;
  • the implementation of operational measures to prevent incidents such as airspace infringements, level busts and runway incursions across the European network;
  • promoting the industry-wide benefits of consolidated aviation safety knowledge management through the continued development of SKYbrary;
  • support to the implementation and operation of safety management systems including the application of best practice in the field of human factors;
  • the introduction of an appropriate ‘safety culture’ and promotion of 'just culture'
  • the deployment of 'safety intelligence', like the balancing of safety with other performance indicators - capacity, efficiency and environment - in the decision-making processes of air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and functional airspace block (FAB) operators.