Safety - At the heart of everything

Flying is the safest way to travel, yet all aviation industry players and governments are constantly striving to make this means of transportation even safer. Thorough incident monitoring, investigation and subsequent corrective actions are essential to the industry’s safety performance.

Safety is in the genes of staff at the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre.  Our comprehensive safety management system is fully integrated into all operating and support processes. It has been developed as a core safety strategy to achieve best practice and is defined, documented and implemented around three principles: safety achievement, safety assurance and safety promotion.

We constantly monitor our safety performance and use safety indicators to drive future developments and to improve our performance

Our mature operational reporting culture provides a solid foundation for employee and customer reporting, leading to constant learning and improvements to the airspace, technical systems, procedures and methods.

As a further demonstration of our constant dedication to safety, we are now in the process of identifying the operational practices that make our operations safe day in, day out, and to ensure that they are reflected in the operational manuals.

With an unusually low level of risk-bearing incidents, we constantly strive to improve our safety levels, working hard to create a ‘Just Culture’, where employee and customer reporting leads to the constant development of safety strategies and procedures.