Safety and Human Performance Library

This page provides an overview of the documents and publications available on Safety and Human Performance.


HindSight is an aviation Safety magazine for Air Traffic control. It is produced by Safety Improvement Sub Group (SISG) of EUROCONTROL and is issued twice a year.

ATM Safety in ECAC States

Safety Framework Maturity Survey Report

EUROCONTROL has undertaken the 2010/2011 ICAO EUR Region ATM Safety Framework Maturity Survey (Edition 1.0 in April 2011) to measure improvements on ATM safety.

The survey determines whether States and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) have well defined and mature frameworks for managing the safety of air traffic which meet - or exceed - the European and international requirements. This survey was carried out in 53 countries plus the Maastricht UACC area.

The survey shows that air traffic safety has continued to improve in Europe over the last 12 months, despite more challenging targets.

ATM Safety Management Interfaces

ESP Stakeholders Reports

European Safety Programme Workshop

The workshop material provides an overview of the requirements for the European Safety Programme (ESP) and explains the background to the ESP and its 5 fields of activity. It also explain the monitoring process and the roles of the various players in the process.

European ATM Safety Programme Workshop

The European ATM Safety Workshop (see presentations, 5.99 MB) was organised to:

  • close the Strategic Safety Action Plan (SSAP) and formally launch the new European Safety (ESP) implementation programme;
  • present the overall results of the SSAP implementation;
  • explain the background to the ESP and its Five Activity Fields;
  • explain the safety monitoring process;
  •  present the safety views of ICAO, European Commission, Airspace users and aviation mass-media;
  • discuss the process and methods for improving the involvement of stakeholders in safety management and improvement in Europe.

EVAIR Safety Bulletin

Human Performance and Safety

Human Performance

  • A white paper was developed from collaboration between EUROCONTROL, the FAA, and a number of ANSPs and
    key research establishments with a common area of interest, namely human performance & safety.

Safety and 'Just' Culture

Workshop: Legal and aviation professionals have come together to discuss how to promote ‘Just Culture’:

Prosecutor Workshop on Just Culture -  Bucharest  3- 4 April 2014

Safety Culture is ideally led from the very top of the organization. This is known as Safety Intelligence. The attached white paper is based on a study of how CEOs and Directors from twelve different countries, including Canada, lead safety culture in their ANSPs.

Fatigue and Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS)

Degraded Modes Safety

Ensuring Safe Performance in ATC Operations:

Managing Shiftwork in European ATM (MSEA) deliverables

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) deliverables

Resilience Engineering in ATM