PRISMIL Programme

We at EUROCONTROL launched the Pan-European Repository of Information Supporting Civil-Military Performance Monitoring (PRISMIL) Programme in order to support a civil-military dimension within Single European Sky (SES) environment, promote a performance driven culture, and ultimately facilitates an establishment of civil-military performance based partnership.

The programme:

  • develops and maintains a “Civil-Military ATM Performance Framework”
  • contributes to the SESAR performance framework and related civil-military activities
  • provides an independent and transparent civil-military performance monitoring system.  

The Civil-Military ATM Performance Framework

The Civil-Military ATM Performance Framework was developed at the request of the Civil-Military Interface Standing Committee (CMIC).

It comprises guidance material supporting both civil and military stakeholders in maintaining a consistent approach when implementing a civil-military performance-based partnership in Air Traffic Management (ATM), while safeguarding national security and national defence needs. The framework complements the SES performance scheme, offering more comprehensive performance monitoring and assessment methods in the field of civil-military cooperation.

For the first edition, the framework contains Key Performance Area (KPAs) where proven Performance Indicators (PIs) already existed:
  • capacity
  • cost-effectiveness
  • efficiency and
  • flexibility.
The framework offers the combined use of civil and military performance measurements. Such an approach allows the balanced and consistent performance monitoring of Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) operations at all levels of Airspace Management (ASM).
The framework is applicable to those entities and working arrangements whose aim is to build a civil-military performance-based partnership at national, Functional Airspace Block (FAB) and pan-European level.
The framework is an evolving document. As the implementation of the civil-military performance-based partnership matures, it will be necessary to adjust its scope and content.

The PRISMIL service

The PRISMIL service is a civil-military performance monitoring system that facilitates the combined performance monitoring of civil-military airspace management processes in a transparent and consistent way. PRISMIL is a single source of comprehensive and integrated high-quality information on the civil and military utilisation of shared airspace.
The Business Intelligence solution facilitates, in a user-friendly way, performance measurement, monitoring, analysis, benchmarking, reporting and reviews at national, FAB or pan-European levels.

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This project is supported by the European Commission's Trans-European Transport Network programme (TEN-T) which dedicates financial support towards the realisation of important transport infrastructure projects - in line with the overreaching goal of European competitiveness, job creation and cohesion.