Pre SESAR operational activities

In the past, the European Air Traffic Management system has been built with no common Operational Concept nor high-level architecture design, leading to the limited interoperability of the current systems. The OATA project defines a common Operational concept shared by the European ATM stakeholders to support the definition of a common shared architecture.

Operational Concept aims at maintaining an operational consistent perspective of the ATM work developed within the Agency, through the involvement and follow- up of several global R&D initiatives. The Operational Concept maintains an updated vision of the possible ATM evolution taking into consideration the Stakeholders requirements.

The main tasks of the Concept activity are:

  • The definition of an Operational Concept Document in support of the European ATM 2000+ Strategy, including the production of an Operational Concept Document, a Concept of Operations, Operational Scenarios and Use cases and maintenance of User requirements
  • Coordination and contribution to the concept work in the frame of ICAO ATM Concept Panel (ATMCP), FAA/EUROCONTROL coordination, European Commission programmes (AFAS, MA-AFAS and Gate-to-Gate Programmes) and others

The development of an operational model that demonstrates the interactions between the ATM components, the actors and the processes involved throughout the planning phases (strategic, pre-tactical and tactical). This model helps to understand and analyse the impact of changes.

Operational Concept Document (OCD)

The OCD (Vision) is a high level description of the target concept to support a uniform gate-to-gate ATM network for Europe. This system will both meet the forecast growth in air transport demand and the airspace users’ expectations for more flexible and cost-effective Air Traffic Management (ATM) services, while remaining sensitive to environmental issues.

Concept of Operations (ConOps)

A ConOps is a detailed description of how an operational concept is applied. It identifies the functions and processes, and their corresponding interactions and information flows; concerned actors, their roles and responsibilities. The Concept of Operations (ConOps) for 2011 represents the second step in the evolution of the European ATM system towards the target vision set out in the OCD Volume 1.

  • View and download ConOps Volume 2, edition 1.2 (pdf) - available on request to aim [at]
  • View and download ConOps Volume 3, edition 0.11(pdf) - available on request to aim [at]
  • View and download OATA Operational Scenarion and Use Case Guide (pdf) - available on request to aim [at]

SESAR Definition Activities

The methodology and the operational documents developed as part of the OATA projects have been valuable inputs for the Operational Concept activities of the SESAR Definition Phase. They lead to the development of the SESAR Concept of Operations which was the main pillar of the SESAR Definition Phase Deliverable DLM D3: The ATM target concept.