pre SESAR architecture activities

The Overall Target Architecture Activity (OATA) project develops the high-level logical design of an integrated ATM "system of systems" across all ECAC States that addresses the operational needs defined in the Operational Concept. This gives guidance for the evolution of the present individual national systems.

An essential ingredient for the development of the Overall ATM/CNS Target Architecture is the ATM stakeholder involvement leading to an agreed and shared target reference.


The main benefits of developing common and shared target architecture are:

  • Consistency of the definition of the ATM systems and their interfaces easing their inter-operability.
  • Reduced complexity and ambiguity in specification using the support of a model easing maintenance and evolutions.
  • Reduced inconsistent terminology and commonly agreed and understood semantics through a common information architecture.
  • Greater and easier use of industry standard for design methods and products leading to lower costs and reduced development risks for ATM/CNS industry and ultimately improving the time to market.

Project Overview

The OATA project defines the logical architecture that address the operational needs identified in the ConOps activities.

It identifies logical building blocks that form the overall ATM system and the services and interfaces provided by them. It further provides the framework for the standards and guidelines that enable logical building blocks to inter-operate.

The focus on services leaves the freedom for stakeholders to implement systems in the way they wish, but will ensure inter-operability by binding their external specifications (interfaces, services provided, quality of service).

The logical architecture developed the following:

  • Logical model of the proposed Overall ATM/CNS Target Architecture.
  • Detailed specification of ATM 2000+ Strategy system enablers.
  • Architecture evolution plan for ECAC.
  • A set of transition plans for selected stakeholders.

Definition phase

The OATA logical architecture and associated methodology has been an input to the architecture work of the SESAR definition. It was the pillar of the SESAR definition Ppase logical architecture, which has been complemented by a technical architecture. The logical and technical architectures were a major component of the SESAR Definition Phase delivery DLM-D3: the target concept.

 This material is the main input of the SESAR Development Phase architecture (Project WPB.4.3).