Performance Review Commission (PRC)

The Performance Review Commission (PRC) was established in 1998 by EUROCONTROL’s Permanent Commission. It provides objective information and independent advice to EUROCONTROL’s governing bodies on European air traffic management (ATM) performance, based on extensive research, data analysis and consultation with stakeholders. Its purpose is "to ensure the effective management of the European air traffic management System through a strong, transparent and independent performance review,'' as stated in Article 1 of the PRC Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure.

In December 2016,  EUROCONTROL’s governing bodies agreed that the PRC should consist of up to 12 members for its next term of office (1 January 2017 – 31 July 2019). It was also agreed that the existing PRC members eligible and willing to run for a second term would be appointed without holding a full selection process.


The PRC Members are appointed on the basis of independence, ability, competence, experience and professional reputation in the fields of air traffic management, safety or economic regulation.

The PRC Members are:

  • Mr. Marc Baumgartner
  • Mr Juan Bujia-Lorenzo;
  • Captain Hasan Erdurak;
  • Ms Marja Hutchings;
  • Dr. Jan Malawko
  • Dr. Darren Rhodes
  • Mr Ralph Riedle.


The PRC publishes annual Performance Review Reports (PRR) and quarterly online updates.

Through its recommendations, the PRC seeks to improve ATM performance by highlighting areas which require attention. In parallel, the PRC, with the support of the Performance Review Unit (PRU), analyses and benchmarks the cost-effectiveness and productivity of air navigation service providers (ANSPs) in its annual ATM Cost-Effectiveness (ACE) Reports.

The PRC also produces ad hoc reports on specific subjects.

The PRC is supported in its work by EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Unit (PRU).