Payment by credit card

Our invoices are sent by postal mail. You can also download them from our secured extranet CEFA.

The latest date by which EUROCONTROL must have received the payment on its bank account is shown on the bill and is 30 days after the establishment of the invoice. Payments must be made on time: we apply interests on late payments and can make use of enforced recovery procedures.

As explained in the Customer Guide to Charges, all payments to EUROCONTROL must be made to the bank accounts stated on the bills.  Note that there are separate bank accounts for Route Charges and for each State's Terminal and Air Navigation Charges.  As this may necessitate several small payments to separate bank accounts, we also offer collection by credit card.  At present, we only accept Visa and Mastercard.

EUROCONTROL issues the following types of bills which can be paid by credit card :

  • Type 1 - Route Charges collected by the Organisation on behalf of all present and future Member States, denominated in Euro (EUR)
  • Type 2- Terminal Charges collected by the Organisation on behalf of Albania, Canaries, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain; Shanwick Communication Charges; Air Navigation Charges collected by the Organisation on behalf of Belarus, Egypt, Morocco and Uzbekistan denominated in Euro (EUR)
  • Type 3 - Terminal Charges collected by the Organisation on behalf of Denmark and Sweden denominated in local currency (DKK and SEK)

The Procedure to allow payment by Credit Card, the Credit Card Authority Form and the Credit Card Calendar can be downloaded below.

Download Documents
(98,8 KB; PDF)

Be aware that fraudsters contact airlines by e-mail, trying to convince them to pay our invoices on fraudulent bank accounts. Look at our fraud warning page for more information on how to avoid fraud and what to do if you suspect you might be a victim of it.

Central Route Charges Office

Contact us for any questions relating to Route Charges.

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