Our capabilities

A unique combination of expertise, data collection/analysis and a suite of platforms covering the entire ATM research cycle.

Given the safety-critical nature of the ATM environment and the inherent complexity of the Network behaviour with its multiple operational stakeholders, designing new ATM tools and procedures requires considerable operational and institutional knowledge and experience. It usually takes years of prototyping, validating, simulating and supporting certification efforts before new systems and procedures can be introduced. But sometimes we can also use the experience gained from decades of research and operations to judge whether new concepts can be developed without every step in the research life cycle being required. We can take a fast-track approach, such as the agile prototyping we were able to adopt for the MASSDIV programme, with operational stakeholders already convinced of the benefit of the concept.

We can also access a wealth of economic and operational data related to the performance of the Network, such as traffic and delay forecasts. We manage this information confidentially to assess the performance of the operational and technical solutions we validate, compare them with current performance and draw conclusions on expected benefits.

We have devoted considerable resources and a unique combination of expertise in all this work, ensuring an optimum transition from research to deployment. These include ATM research and validation expertise, notably from the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (EEC ), to ensure the scientific value, simulation capabilities and rapid prototyping, taking into account user requirements - plus military expertise from the Civil Military ATM Coordination (CMAC) area, current NM operational and technical expertise along with a privileged partnership with an air traffic services (ATS) provider, the Maastricht Upper Airspace Centre (MUAC).

These teams, working in partnership with airspace users, air navigation service providers  (ANSPs), airports, manufacturing industry, universities and research organisations pioneer and lead the design of solutions, validate them and prepare the deployment of new ATFCM and ASM systems and procedures. These rely on platforms for air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM) and airspace management (ASM) modelling and gaming, performance assessment activities and HIL (human-in-the-loop) simulations. Real time simulations, live trials and pre operational demonstrations also rely on a clone platform of the current NM operational systems as well as, when reaching a high level of maturity, the NM operational systems themselves.

To carry out the work of researching new concepts and tools to improve Network Management performance, we have developed a number of specialist research and validation platforms  in this area, including the Network Manager Validation Platform (NMVP), the INnovative Network Operations Validation Environment (INNOVE), and the Research Network Strategic Tool (RNEST). We are also specifying the Network Functions of the AirTop fast-time simulator.

Building the future Network: our capabilities

This unique suite of tools and platforms allows us to design and validate a wide range of concepts through the entire research, development and deployment cycle.

EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre

Our research and development activities are contributing to shaping the future European air traffic management system.

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