Network Manager contacts

Full list of operational and non-operational contacts and helpdesks.

Our contacts are organised around operational contacts (Flow Management, Flight Planning, Airspace Data, technical problems, archive data requests) and non-operational contacts, Crisis Coordination and Network disruption and overall NM contacts.

In addition, the NM Contacts Matrix (pdf) provides a quick overview on the main contacts.


Flow management enquiries

Flight planning enquiries

Access problems (tokens), transmission, terminals problems or CHMI support or EAD operational & technical enquiries


Airspace data

Requests for archive data



NON-OPERATIONAL general information on the NM services delivered by the Network Manager Directorate and how to access them

Questions related to the NM Releases

Questions related to NM training services & products

For general enquiries relating to EUROCONTROL

If you wish to submit a complaint to the Network Manager, please follow the steps explained in this section to make it easier for us to understand the issue.

Disruption & Crisis

NM Network disruption and crisis coordination contacts

  • In the event of significant disruptions such as extreme weather, the Network Manager will activate the first phase of its network disruption procedure.
  • In the event of crisis situations such as the volcanic ash disruptions in 2010, the Network Manager will activate the European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (EACCC).

The main contact point in the event of an anticipated crisis is the NM Current Operations Manager (COM):

  • Tel: +32 2 745 19 31

NM Management

NM Management contact

Network Manager Directorate/Office of the Director