Military Liaison Officer

The Military Liaison Officer (MILO) position was introduced at the beginning of 2010 into the Network Manager Operations Centre, (NMOC, previously called Central Flow Management Unit). 


The MILO’s role and functions

As part of the Network Management's function, the MILO's primary task is to enhance the civil-military ASM (airspace management) coordination process at European network level, with the aim of improving flight efficiency and increasing military mission effectiveness. In this respect, the MILO, in coordination with the other network management actors, uses the draft AUP/UUP (Airspace Use Plan/Update Airspace Use Plan) data to identify opportunities or problems related to airspace allocation. The alternative solutions identified are then proposed to the Network Manager and the local airspace managers. It is worth noting that the decision to implement the MILO's proposals remains the responsibility of the local airspace managers. 

The MILO collects and harmonises national information on major military exercises and activities, from long-term schedules to last-minute notifications of events. Their contribution to the Network Operations Plan (NOP) and the updates relating to military events affecting ATFCM (Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management) are essential. The NOP makes all civil and military airspace users aware of network constraints and successfully assists them in improving the planning process.

The MILO is identified as an entry point for all civil-military issues related to current ASM coordination and network operations. The MILOs are ready to cooperate and assist civil and military airspace managers in their ASM civil-military coordination-related issues.

Patrick Delmouzee

Head of ATM Coordination Unit