Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP)

The prime output of the EUROCONTROL Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation / Planning, Reporting and Monitoring Unit (DECMA/PRM) activity is producing the set of annual Local Single Sky ImPlementation (LSSIP) documents, which show the progress made and detail the plans for each ECAC State in relation to their local implementation of the ATM Master Plan Level 3.

Based on these LSSIP documents, an European ATM Master Plan (MP) Level 3 Progress Report is produced every year. The report based on LSSIP Year 2017 documents has been finalised.

State views are available for each State participating in LSSIP. These views are one-page summaries of the State LSSIP documents structured per SESAR Key Feature, they include only essential operational changes as defined in the ATM Master Plan.

LSSIP by State

Albania North Macedonia Moldova
Austria Georgia Montenegro
Azerbaijan Germany Netherlands
Armenia Greece Norway
Belgium Hungary Poland
Bosnia & Herzegovina Ireland Portugal
Bulgaria Israel Romania


Cyprus Latvia Slovak Republic
Czech Republic Lithuania Slovenia
Denmark Luxembourg Spain
Estonia Maastricht UAC Sweden
Finland Malta Switzerland
France Morocco Turkey
Ukraine United Kingdom  

LSSIP collaboration platform and forum (SharePoint)

We provide a secure online space to our LSSIP contact persons and stakeholders, where they can share, organize and manage their work. The platform also hosts the LSSIP Forum - a collaboration tool for sharing thoughts and ideas.

To access the platform you first need to register for the OneSky Online portal. 


If you are already registered, please request access to the platform using this link (you will need to use your OneSky Online credentials to access the request form).


If you have received confirmation from the LSSIP Team that your account has been configured, you can access the platform


LSSIP Database

The LSSIP Database is a web-based tool. It is used by States’ LSSIP focal points, national specialists and EUROCONTROL’s LSSIP contact people to update the detailed information on the States' progress and plans for achieving the Implementation Objectives.

The arrangements for access (read-only, or read-and-write) are agreed between each contact person and the State focal point. If you have been granted access the button below will take you to the tool.


Although it has some reporting functionalities, it is not a consultation tool but a working tool to input data into the Agency's LSSIP Central Database and so access rights are restricted. Access for national stakeholders is granted 'de facto' to all States' LSSIP focal points, who also have to approve access for other national experts, if and when needed.


EUROCONTROL is strongly committed to all activities supporting the implementation of the Single European Sky and holds the annual Local Single Sky ImPlementation (LSSIP) event at its headquarters in Brussels. For more information and event deliverables please find a link to the last LSSIP Event under the Related links section.

LSSIP Expert group

The LSSIP Expert group main task is to further enhance the involvement of LSSIP Focal Points/Experts in developing elements of the LSSIP, i.e. processes, guidance material, tools, ways of working, etc. More about the activities and Terms of Reference of the Group can be found under the Related links section.