IR390 - Data collection process

Commission Implementing Regulation No 390/2013 (repealed the former regulation Commission Regulation (EU) No 691/2010) reinforces the regular operational performance data reporting by airport and aircraft operators.

Based on the advisory letter from the European Commission, the Performance Review Board (PRB) requested the Central Office for Delay Analysis (CODA) to assist in the data collection, examination and validation of flight-by-flight data from airport operators and air carriers.

Data providers

The data collected by CODA is provided by:

  • airports with more than 70 000 IFR air transport movements per year (where none of the airports in a Member State reach the threshold of 70 000 IFR air transport movements per year, the Regulation shall apply at a minimum to the airport with the highest number of IFR movements), and
  • air carriers which operate more than 35 000 IFR flights per year in European airspace calculated as the average over the previous three years.

Airport operators and air carriers with less movements or flights per year are invited to provide data on a voluntary basis.

Data requirements

The data specification documents for the Aircraft and Airport Operator Data Flow (AODF and APDF) can be downloaded via the buttons below. This data feed supports the regular operational air navigation service (ANS) performance monitoring and reporting under the Single European and EUROCONTROL Performance Scheme.


Providing data to CODA

Data providers are invited to provide monthly files 14 days after the end of the flight month (e.g. data for July 2017 is provided by 14 August 2017). If this recommendation cannot be met, the data shall be provided within one month after the end of the flight month. For more information please contact the CODA Support team.