Integrating surveillance systems

EUROCONTROL’s surveillance products & services

 Air traffic management (ATM) needs reliable and accurate surveillance data. Loss of surveillance data in one part of the airspace can cause a major reduction in air traffic control (ATC) capacity, with a knock-on effect across the entire network.

Supporting interoperability in surveillance

The optimum use of all available sensor data in an interoperable manner throughout the entire area is therefore a key element for overall ATM network safety and efficiency.

In the field of surveillance, interoperability is supported by the application of common performance standards as well as the harmonisation and possible further integration of surveillance data processing means.

Our surveillance products and services

EUROCONTROL’s surveillance products and services constitute a sound example of European cooperation:

  • ARTAS (ATM Surveillance Tracker And Server) is one of the most advanced surveillance data processing system in the world
  • SASS-C (Surveillance Analysis Support System for ATC-Centre) is a reference for surveillance data evaluation
  • RMCDE (Radar Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment) is a key solution for enabling surveillance data exchange
  • RADNET (Radar Network) is an intelligent logical network for the distribution of surveillance data
  • ASTERIX  (All Purpose Structured Eurocontrol Surveillance Information Exchange) is the EUROCONTROL Standard for the exchange of Surveillance related data

Surveillance products are in constant evolution, requiring innovation and adaptability while keeping in mind the safety and quality requirements of operational systems. Models based on open source and collaborative innovation principles are being considered as an interesting way forward.

The further integration of surveillance systems is an essential step towards the defragmentation of Europe’s ATM infrastructure and is very much in line with SESAR concepts and the implementation of functional airspace blocks.