How to collaborate with the Network Manager Operations Centre?

Consult the official operational documentation regularly

Go to the NOP Portal or our website and check the official Users Manuals in the Network Operations HANDBOOK . Also look at the Operational Instructions. They contain updated procedures, taking precedence over the procedures published in the Network Operations HANDBOOK - and, if necessary, the RAD related information.

Learn about the operational services and products available to you

Via our on line catalogue, retrieve the services and products which support Network Operations by functional domain:

NB: This fourth domain includes all applications and tools enabling operations and supporting collaboration between operational stakeholders. 

After determining which operational services or products (often referred to as applications) best fit your needs, you can subscribe here

Stay tuned via the NOP Portal

The NOP (Network Operations Portal) is the single reference point for all operational stakeholders is sharing real-time information on the network situation, to elaborate and consult the common Network Operations Plan, and to analyse operational performance.

  • Bookmark the link to the NOP Public Portal (excludes restricted access information such as individual flights)
  • Bookmark the link to the NOP Protected Portal (reserved for aviation professionals requiring access to full operational information).

You can subscribe to the NOP Protected Portal here.

Participate in the NMOC conferences

Our conferences, both online and telephone, are embedded in the NOP in the "Tele/WebEx conferences" portlet.
The daily online conference takes place at 16:00 Brussels local time, to plan for the next day (weather, traffic, bottlenecks, strikes, North Atlantic traffic, etc).

Flow Management Positions (FMPs), Aircraft Operators and other people involved are invited to join these daily conferences by clicking on the corresponding link in the PreTactical tab.

A Tactical Briefing, either online or via telephone, will be initiated by an Aeronautical Information Message (AIM) or via a Headline News on the Network Operations Portal to discuss problems as they develop.

Each online conference is recorded and can be listened to after the meeting.

To participate in these conferences or have access to recordings, clic on the links under the Tactical or PreTactical tabs of the NOP.

Engage in the Network Operations training courses

Efficient operational collaboration is ensured when all partners stay up to date with the network's latest developments.

Consult the Network Operations Library

In addition to the Network Operations HANDBOOK, here is a selection of publications of interest to our operational users, including the NM Release Notes and related Deployment Plans, User Guides, service leaflets and factsheets, as well as more Network Operations-related documents.