Future Communication Infrastructure SESAR activities

The EUROCONTROL CFC SESAR FCI Team is undertaking the investigations for the future aeronautical communications.

The goal of the FCI is to support the future aeronautical communication requirements with a minimum set of technologies deployed globally. The FCI will be the key enabler for new ATM services and applications that will bring operational benefits in terms of capacity, efficiency and safety. The FCI needs to support both data and voice communication with an emphasis on data communication in the shorter term. In terms of applications, the FCI must support the new operational concepts that are being developed in SESAR and NextGEN.

The EUROCONTROL work in relation to the FCI is in the context of the EUROCONTROL contribution to the SESAR work. In general, the SESAR activities are organised in Work Packages (WPs) with specific projects grouped in each WP. There are two specific WPs addressing communications systems and technologies (Communication Navigation and Surveillance systems in general). WP9 is addressing the airborne side and WP15 is addressing the ground side and the overall system aspects.

EUROCONTROL is actively involved in the SESAR WP15 and WP9 activities. In particular EUROCONTROL is a key contributor to the SESAR projects addressing the new communication data links that are being considered for the future communication infrastructure (FCI).

The SESAR FCI Team, in support of projects in WP9 and WP15 is actively involved in the key following activities:

•    General FCI aspects
•    AeroMACS (Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System) Data Link
•    Future A/G Terrestrial Data Link
•    Future SATCOM Data link
•    International Coordination

The SESAR FCI Team is also working closely with the EUROCONTROL teams addressing the spectrum, Navigation and Surveillance aspects to avoid conflicts and explore synergies.

Sesar FCI Library

Future communications general library

The following are the available documents regarding general Eurocontrol activities related to the FCI:


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