Future ATC operations & systems

We contribute to R&D activities related to Air Traffic Services (ATS) with a focus on:

  • Pan European applicability
  • Performance improvement from a network perspective
  • Interoperability
  • Coordination between ATS and Network operations

Our key assets:

We have a long lasting expertise in air traffic services (ATS) concept development and validation, and a wide range of operational and technical skills, dedicated to a neutral pan-European perspective.

Our approach covers the whole spectrum from innovative and applied research to pre-industrial validation.

We have established a strong cooperation network with ANSPs, universities, R&D centres and industry.

We have developed tools and methods for performance assessment, taking advantage of our state of the art simulation facilities and a direct access to Network Management data.


“Our focus”:

Enhanced Arrival & Departure Management
Through the development of operational requirements and validation exercises, we evaluate the extension of arrival management to en-route traffic.  

4D Trajectory Management – Initial 4D

  • Initial 4D concept development, definition of operational services and related benefits, validation of supporting technologies in close cooperation with MUAC.
    Areas of work:
  • Air/Ground trajectory information exchanges via ADS-C datalink
  • Development of the concept of the use of time constraints - Controlled Time of Arrival
  • Ground/Ground Interoperability  

Point Merge

  • Point Merge designs & assessments
  • Simulations & involvement in Live Trials to prepare deployment in close cooperation with ANSPs

Safety Nets

  • Ensure that Ground-based & Airborne Safety Nets for airborne phases of flight remain fit for purpose in future operational environments.
    Areas of work:
  • Ground – Air Safety Nets compatibility
    Contribute to the development of an operational concept for the display of TCAS Resolution Advisories on Controller Working Positions
  • Air SN – validation of ACAS X in Europe
  • Ground SN - Safety assurance elements for enhanced ground based safety nets adapted to future 3/4D trajectory operations with ground based separation

ATC architecture and systems

  • Specification of requirements for en-route and Approach ATC systems
  • Ensure consistency of diverse system developments
  • Coordinate the definition and verification of ATC system enablers that contribute to the provision of operational improvements as described in the European ATM Master Plan
  • Specification requirements and design of Integrated Controller Working Position interface

Complexity Assessment and Resolution

  • Improvement of ATCO workload prediction and distribution through development of automated tools based on complexity metrics.
  • Develop procedures to integrate Local Network Function with extended ATC planning using workload prediction
  • Collaboration with controllers and experts from MUAC to validate the concept