Fraud warning

EUROCONTROL draws your attention to fraudulent practices whereby individuals communicate bank account numbers by e-mail. EUROCONTROL never communicates bank account numbers by e-mail. In all circumstances payments for charges must be made to the bank account numbers mentioned on the EUROCONTROL bills. Treat any e-mail with suspicion, especially if you are asked for financial information about your account or if a new bank account is communicated to you! EUROCONTROL has no plan to open new bank accounts in the foreseeable future. Any announced change of bank account must be ignored.


Help us control fraud!

If you receive dubious e-mails or calls, please contact EUROCONTROL via
Emergency telephone number: +32 2 729 38 38
from 09h00 to 17h00CET

Central Route Charges Office

Contact us for any questions relating to Route Charges.

EUROCONTROL - Central Route Charges Office
96, rue de la Fusée
1130 Bruxelles
+32 2 729 3838