Flight planning

Flight planning enquiries

URGENT operational flight planning problems (24/7 service)

Real-time operational queries about flight plan messages sent to the IFPS live system:

  • FP1 – Brussels: +32 2 745 19 50 or  
  • FP2 – Brétigny: +33 1 69 88 17 50

NON-urgent flight planning assistance and problem reporting (24/7 service)

  1. Test your FPL on IFPUV via the NOP and (for authenticated users) search for route proposals
  2. Check the Users Manual of the HANDBOOK,  the User Guides, Operational Instructions and RAD related information.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, call:

  • FP1 – Brussels: +32 2 745 19 50 or
  • FP2 – Brétigny: +33 1 69 88 17 50

If you would like to report a problem with the IFPUV error message (you have reason to believe the error given should not be raised on your FPL), please contact the duty IFPS Supervisors  NM.IFPS.SPVR@eurocontrol.int

Post-event Investigation of problems which occurred in the past (office hours)

Initial response time for post-event investigation is within 3 working days.


Repetitive flight plan - RPL (16-hrs service)

For problems and queries relating to the submission and maintenance of RPL files, contact the RPL team:


FAQs on ATFCM quick reference


FAQs on Interacting with our Operations