Flight Object Recent Developments

Recent developments have been achieved in regard to the study and implementation of the Flight Object.

ED-133: The First Flight Object Interface Definition

Following the FOIPS delivery, ICOG developed a detailed interface definition based on the FOIPS model and submitted it to EUROCAE WG59 for review and update. The resulting EUROCAE document “ED-133 Flight Object Interoperability Specification”defines the interface between different instances of civilian ATC Flight Data Processing Systems (FDPS), in support of En-route and Terminal ATC Operations, and is available from EUROCAE from September 2009.

The CFMU Flight Object Server Study

In parallel to the ICOG interface definition study, EUROCONTROL launched the “CFMU FOS Study” to investigate how to integrate a CFMU FOS with the ATC FOSs defined by ICOG. The main aim of the study was to define the principles of how the CFMU and ICOG FDPs would interact and a set of requirements for the CFMU FOS.

The next steps towards the implementation of the Flight Object are the development and validation of FOS prototypes. This work is being planned under SESAR.