European ATM network performance

We use a network approach to forecasting, planning, monitoring and reporting to help deliver the performance targets of the Single European Sky.

In addition, to our on-going monitoring and reporting activities, we help deliver the PRB targets using a network approach through the forecasting of traffic flows and a pan-network data management capability.

To achieve this, EUROCONTROL monitors the objectives set by the Performance Review Body (PRB) as closely as possible. The role of the Network Manager is to work in a true partnership with the different aviation actors and service providers and to take the actions needed to ensure network performance within an EU regulatory framework. Learn more about the European ATM Network Performance Targets.

The three areas of work in which EUROCONTROL supports the performance of the European air traffic management network include:

For more information on evolutions towards the achievement of the European target, download the:

  • European Route Network Improvement Plan (ERNIP) - Implementation Monitoring reports from the Airspace Design section.