The European ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Report

What is the role of the European Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Report?

The European ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Report provides a holistic view of the implementation of commonly agreed actions to be taken by the States, in the context of the implementation of SESAR. These actions are consolidated in the form of “implementation objectives” that set out operational, technical and institutional improvements that could be applied to the European ATM network to meet the performance requirements for the key ATM performance areas defined at the ATM Master Plan Level 1 – safety, capacity, operational efficiency, cost efficiency, environment and security. These implementation objectives constitute the backbone of the Master Plan Level 3 and provide all civil and military implementing parties (ANSPs, Airport Operators, Airspace users and Regulators) with a basis for short to medium term implementation planning. They also serve as a reference for States / National Supervisory Authorities (NSAs) to fulfil their roles regarding the supervision of safe and efficient provision of air navigation services as well as the timely implementation of SESAR.



The 2018 report (showing the situation at the end of 2017) is based on the Master Plan Level 3 2017 Implementation Plan that included 50 implementation objectives.

The main information sources for the production of this report remain the LSSIP State documents. These reports are complemented with dedicated surveys performed using the LSSIP network, the EUROCONTROL CNS business intelligence database, OLDI information extracted from the EUROCONTROL FMTP database, PBN map tool, Network Manager tools and individual stakeholder sources.

Although this report is a SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) deliverable, it is intended for the larger ATM community. Therefore, the structure of the report addresses different levels of readership:

  • Executive level: the report includes a comprehensive Executive Summary summarising the main developments related to SESAR implementation in 2017.
  • Management level: it also includes a Strategic View describing the progress of SESAR implementation per SESAR Key Feature / major ATM change and including the assessment of 2017 progress and future expectations. This view also includes a set of aggregated elements related to the progress of implementation of the SESAR Solutions, hence representing a first step towards a more SESAR Solution centric report.
  • Expert level: it also includes a Deployment View that provides a detailed analysis of every implementation objective, gives the progress in 2017 at ECAC level and proposes remedial actions if applicable.

The Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Report 2018 has been approved by the SJU in September.