EUROCONTROL Voluntary ATM Incident Reporting (EVAIR)

EUROCONTROL's Voluntary ATM Incident Reporting (EVAIR) provides a common platform for State air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and aircraft operators (AOs) to comply with air traffic management (ATM) safety requirements when exchanging safety-related information.

EVAIR is the first example of voluntary ATM incident data collected at pan-European level. It was developed to enable a proactive approach to ATM and Air Navigation Service (ANS) safety.

The collaboration with ANSPs and AOs, who are actively involved in the reporting, enhances EVAIR’s contribution to the improvement of ATM safety.

The reporting process and database

EVAIR processes ATM reports provided by AOs, their associations (International Air Transport Association, International Air Carriers Association, European Regions Airlines Organisation, and European Low Fares Airline Association) and ANSPs. In addition, EVAIR collects and analyses data which come via automatic data collection systems such as the Automatic Safety Monitoring Tool (ASMT), which is fed by the ANSPs.

EVAIR’s activity covers all European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) airspace as well as some of the neighbouring airspace outside the ECAC region (e.g. Middle East, North Africa, Russian Federation, etc.).

Reports focus on ATM-related safety issues. The EVAIR experts analyse the reports, classify them and enter data in the EVAIR database. You can submit reports to EVAIR by sending an e-mail to the EVAIR Support Team.


Confidentiality policy

EVAIR is committed to protecting the confidentiality of all data received.  Safety-related information consisting of safety reports or supporting messages (including names, pictures, video and audio records) is confidential and secured within the EVAIR database.
The information cannot be used in the interests of individuals, insurance companies or for other purposes not consistent with the EVAIR scope and objectives.

EVAIR is not allowed to disseminate original safety reports or parts thereof or to provide information received from the originator to third parties. Disclosure is possible only if written approval (including email messages) for the dissemination of such information is granted.

EUROCONTROL's analysts commit to respecting a confidentiality declaration and they sign a non-disclosure agreement with data providers (the "Parties") before they start the analysis of the provided incidents. This agreement defines the rights and constraints for the Parties to use data and information provided by EVAIR during and after the collaboration.

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Feedback procedure

EVAIR facilitates the feedback procedures by enabling connections between AOs and ANSPs and vice versa.

The majority of the requests for feedback are usually initiated by the airlines, but the communication channels are open two-ways so that ANSPs can also initiate the request for feedback.

If data providers want feedback on the report submitted, they should specify this  in the e-mail message or in the report attached to that message.



Safety reports, statistics and customized analyses

Since 2006, the EVAIR Team  produces/compiles statistics based on data collected from various categories of ATM events. These data are also used for safety and customised analysis, safety performance indicator identification, risk assessment and other purposes consistent with safety oversight and safety management activities.       

Customised analyses for EVAIR stakeholders are available upon request.


EVAIR safety bulletin

The EVAIR safety bulletin provides safety-related information, including different types of data received and analysed during the reporting period.  The bulletin is issued twice a year and sent to all stakeholders and other users who have subscribed to it. Bulletins are focused on: level busts, runway, incursions, missed approaches/go arounds (reasons), airborne collision avoidance system resolution advisory (ACAS RA), call sign confusion, loss of communication, wake turbulence, laser interference, remotely piloted aircraft systems (drones), GPS outages, etc.

If you wish to be on the distribution list and receive regular EVAIR Safety Bulletins, please subscribe by filling the on-line form. The paper version of the EVAIR Safety Bulletin is distributed free of charge and upon request.


You can also download the previous editions of the Safety Bulletin, edited since 2008, by clicking on the “download” button below.


EVAIR Support Team

For more information about EVAIR, please contact the EVAIR Team.

96, Rue de la Fusée
1130 Brussels
+32 (0)2 729 5034