EUROCONTROL Generic Safety Management Manual

First draft version

The EUROCONTROL Generic Safety Management Manual has been developed within the framework of the SASI (Support to ANSPs for SMS implementation) Project with the objective to support Air Navigation Service Providers for the implementation of their Safety Management Systems.

The EUROCONTROL Generic Safety Management Manual is intended for Air Navigation Service Providers that wish to refer to an example of such a documents in order to develop their own Safety Management Manual.

Whilst it attempts to be exhaustive, it is restricted by local peculiarities such as institutional arrangements or national legislative framework that cannot be envisaged in a generic document.

Air Navigation Service Providers willing to use this material as a basis for their Safety Management Manual will therefore need to take their local environment (legislative in particular) into account to develop their Safety Management Manual. This will ensure at the same time that they take ownership of their Safety Management Manual.

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Copyright Notice and Disclaimer

This document is published by EUROCONTROL for the purpose of providing ANSPs a basis on which to further develop their own Safety Management Manual. It serves as a conceptual framework subject to adaptation according to local requirements (in particular legal), institutional arrangements and other local differences, including culture.

It may therefore be copied in whole or in part, modified or supplemented for the purpose of producing safety management manuals without any commercial use. Reproduction in whole or part for commercial use without any adaptation is considered to contravene the copyright. Reproduction with adaptation to local requirements is subject to including the copyright notice and disclaimer.

The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the official views or policy of EUROCONTROL, which makes no warranty, either implied or express, for the information contained in this document, neither does it assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of this information.

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