EUROCONTROL Documents on SSR Mode S

Operational Documents

  • Aircraft Identification Programme - Operational Concept Document - This document provides a high level overview of the operational concept of the Aircraft Identification (ACID) Programme, a Pan European cooperative programme to implement the ANSB strategy concerning aircraft identification, and achieve an initial operational capability by February 2012.
  • Mode S Elementary Surveillance (ELS) Operations Manual - This Operations Manual, which has been developed from previous guidance material, presents essential operational information for the operational introduction of Mode S Elementary Surveillance.
    This document replaces the EUROCONTROL document "Guidance for the Operational Introduction of SSR Mode-S, Volume 1, Elementary Surveillance".

  • Concept of Operations - Mode S in Europe (Mode S CONOPS) - Mode S CONOPS specifies the employment criteria for the operational use of Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) following the introduction of a Mode S surveillance capability. It provides detailed information concerning the operational elements involved; the requirements of the users, airborne equipment functionality and the measures needed to ensure continued safe and efficient Air Traffic Management (ATM) in a mixed Mode S and non-Mode S secondary radar environment.

  • A-SMGS Project: Transponder Operating Procedures: Mode-S Multilateration Brochure - This brochure describes transponder operating procedures from departure gate to runway line-up, and landing to gate.

Technical Documents  for Ground Systems

This section contains EUROCONTROL documents concerning technical specifications of the Mode S ground systems.

  • Clarification: Mode S Transponder in an Airport/A-SMGCS Environment - To support the understanding of the performance of Mode S transponders in Airport Surveillance Systems and several European Air Traffic Management Programme (EATMP) Projects like the Advanced Surface Movement and Ground Control System (A-SMGCS), this document analyses, describes or clarifies the Mode S transponder performances and characteristics as defined in the different relevant documents, in particular when the aircraft is on the ground.
  • European Mode S Station Functional Specification - This document describes the functional specification for the European Mode S Ground Station. The Mode S ground station detailed in this document is described as a ‘PILOT’ system, which is a production standard equipment offered for operational implementation. ‘PILOT’ systems may be procured by Administrations in the core area who wish to take part in the initial implementation programme. This implementation will introduce Enhanced Surveillance Services to ATC through use of data link services known as the Mode S Specific Services.
  • EATCHIP GDLP/Local User ICD for POEMS - This document describes the communication protocol between the pre-operational Mode S ground station and the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) interface, i.e. the GDLP.