Drivers for Change

Surveillance is a key enabler of performance improvements incl. safety, capacity, cost & spectrum efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The drivers of Surveillance modernisation include:

  • Operational needs: Coverage expansion (global), increase of the number of targets (possibly to hundreds of thousands incl. GA and RPAS), support to new users and applications (spacing, separation, Meteo, Wake vortex, trajectory intent based etc., using aircraft derived data)
  • Technological innovations (incl. ground and space based ADS-B, Multilateration, high capacity 1090 MHz link, new types of independent non co-operative Surveillance sensors, low-cost avionics for GA and RPAS etc.)  
  • Integration/Rationalisation within SUR, CNS and with ACAS
  • Performance based Surveillance (PBS) which becomes necessary in order to “couple” the various Surveillance applications and infrastructure component mix. This can amongst others address applications with a reduction in separation minima.

Contribution to the European ATM Network

Surveillance modernisation provides important features which can be exploited by the ATM network:

  • full ‘Network wide’ surveillance coverage
    • surveillance “everywhere”, i.e. no gaps from gate-to-gate
    • air-to-air surveillance made possible, i.e. traffic picture available on board as the aircraft becomes an integral part of the network
    • surveillance data provided directly from on-board systems
  • high performance
  • improved safety
  • increased capacity
  • reduced cost of infrastructure
  • flight efficiency (more efficient flight profiles in areas where, previously, surveillance was not cost-effective)
  • fuel savings
  • environmental sustainability (CO2 reduction)
  • reduced radio frequency pollution (leading to an increased viability of the 1090 MHz datalink)
  • global Interoperability
  • foundation for future applications (spacing, separation) addressed in SESAR.

Surveillance Modernisation Support team

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